DreamHack is the worlds largest digital festival, the indisputable largest LAN party in the world with over 50,000 visitors, 23,425 unique devices in the network and close to 10 000 visitors who enjoy DreamHack with their own computer. There is a lot of new visitors at each DreamHack event and one of many questions we got is where to choose your LAN seat. Here is guide over the different areas at DreamHack Summer 2016. We hope that it will make it more easy to choose your seats and also how to get around at Elmia.

Please note: Some areas can be changed without prior notice. Please check back for updates and final map at location during the festivals.


Inside Hall D you have the Main Stage, where we host the Opening Ceremony and all Music live concerts, but it’s also where we host the finals of the Cosplay & Kreativ activities. During the day’s and evenings also our partners and sponsors have alot fun activities on stage. Around the hall it’s just a few booths from exhibiting companies, but mostly different food stands where you can get a burger or a waffle. Also, you find DreamHack Support in Hall D where you can get help with your PC, if something happens.

– 4500 LAN seats
– Main Stage
– Laser
– DreamHack Kiosk
– Food Trucks
– Billys Pizza
– Showers
– DreamHack Computer Support & Repair
– The network show room


Hall C is in direct connection to Hall D. It’s a quiet hall, with no stage or super loud activities – but it’s very close to Hall D so you can easily walk to the Main stage if something cool is going on. Just like Hall B, you can also follow the activities on the Main stage from our projection screens in each hall.

Overall Hall C is kinda relaxed hall where a lot of people that want to have a quiet experience sits. In terms of activities it’s a hall that we want to develop much more into becoming a activity hall. During the last two DreamHack-events we have been hosting the “Stream Area” in Hall C where some of world’s most famous Youtube- and Twitch-streamers sits. In addition to that, we also have old school console games and other activities in this hall.

If you’re a gamer that like a quiet gaming experience but still want to take part in the big stuff going on in Hall D, then we would recommend to pick a seat in Hall C.

– 2000 LAN seats
– Stream Area
– Retro Zone
– Speedrunning
– ATM Cash machine


Hall B is the second biggest LAN & Festival hall, where you also find two large activity-areas DreamExpo (where all exhibiting companies is), and the eSports Area (where all professional tournaments are being played). The particular LAN experience in Hall B is quite quiet and easy-going. But it can be really crowded from time to time since a lot of people want to visit the activitiy areas. You can of course get disturbed by the audience from the CS:GO Finals but it’s not the near the same sound level as Hall D.

A lot of people that participate in the eSports tournaments select Hall B to be close to the Game Crew where you register and get help with information regarding the BYOC-tournaments. In Hall B you also have a projection screen to see what’s going on in Hall D, but the sound is low and if you see something exciting on the screen you have around 5 minutes to get to Hall D. Hall B is close to everything and it’s a family atmosphere in the hall.

– 2500 LAN seats
– DreamExpo
– DreamStore
– Esport Arenas
– Esport Tournament Areas
– DreamHack Kiosk
– Food Trucks


This is the huge sleeping hall. No LAN here, and should be quiet around the clock. If Hall A is full we also have a large sleeping area in Racketcentrum, located just a couple of minutes walk out side of Elmia.


In Lobby North you find the 20+ area where we have special area for people above 20 years old. It’s daylight in this section but also this is probably the most quiet and relaxed area in the whole building. It’s close to the Press- & VIP-area and have more of a “conference”-feeling then DreamHack untz untz. Perfect for older gamers that dont want get to disturbed and want to decide themselves when they want to do something else then just game.

– Main entrance during Opening Day
– 20+ Area
– Access to the Sleeping Area in Hall A.
– Access to DreamArena Extreme, DreamHackathon and DreamMarket


No LAN or BYOC-seats here. This is the big Lobby where we have the Main Entrance during the majority of the event. This is hub of the event where you easily get to all other areas in the building. The DreamHack Merchandise store, cafeterias, restaurants and kiosk and the fan zone where you can meet and great with artist, content creators and esport stars is also located in loby syd.

– Main entrance (Except first hours of Opening day)
– Fan Zone
– DreamHack Info
– DreamHack Merchandise store
– Twitch Pro Player Lounge
– Elmia Kiosk
– Elmia restaurants, including Wok, Café and Lunch resturant Karl-Oskar.
– Access to DreamArena Extreme, DreamHackathon and DreamMarket


In addition to Hall A we also feature Sleeping Hall’s at Racketcentrum in direct connection to the Elmia Halls. You walk out from the Main Entrance in Lobby South and then take left to head over to the Racket Centrum. Here you can some quality sleep.



The DreamHack Merchandise store is located in lobby syd where you can find teh official DreamHack Cap and much more

In the Tournament areas in Hall B you can come close to the esport stars and watch your favourite games live!

The LAN Area in Hall B is close to the DreamExpo, Tournament Areas and great food and Kiosks.

Meet and greet with esport stars, stream and youtubers and some other famous people in the fan zone, lobby syd.

Over 20 000 pictures from Dreamhack is available at www.flickr.com/photos/dreamhack/

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