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First look at WCS Jönköping players

With WCS now fully running, it’s time to look ahead to WCS Jönköping where StarCraft II will make its triumphant return to DreamHack Summer! Here’s a taste of what’s to come and who you can expect to see when the event kicks off next month, June 17-19th in Sweden. Once more $100,000 and 11,000 WCS Points are on the line with the winner going directly to the WCS Global Finals at the end of the year to join Neeb, who earned his place through WCS Austin.

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Player First Look

Team Liquid uThermal
Dead Pixels Optimus
Expert Bly
Team Liquid LiquidTLO
mYinsanity PtitDrogo
Euronics Gaming / Red Bull Nerchio
Dead Pixels Namshar
Ting Neeb
Team Liquid Snute
Team Redbloods Lillekanin
Thunder Awaken BLord
ENCE eSports Serral
mYinsanity ShaDoWn
True eSport Reynor
Team Liquid MaNa
ArmaTeam ShoWTimE

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Be sure to keep up to date for news and information surrounding WCS Jönköping at DreamHack Summer. You can find our Twitter and Facebook both at @DreamHackSC2, and at our DreamHack Summer 2017 event page. And of course wcs.dreamhack.com will continue to be our home for all information regarding the upcoming WCS Circuit events at Dreamhack Austin, Summer, Valencia, and Montreal. For more information regarding the StarCraft II World Championship Series, head over to wcs.starcraft2.com.

Ticket information

Ticketing information for DreamHack Summer can be found on our ticket site. Watch and compete!

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