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DreamHack “free-for-all” Cosplay Open

Today we are happy to announce the DreamHack Cosplay Open that will be the open Cosplay competition at DreamHack Summer 2017 besides the big finale of Dreamhack World Cosplay Championships 2017 that will have the grand finals during the festival.

In DreamHack Cosplay Open we have room for up to 128 cosplayers that can compete for part of a 10 000 SEK Prize pool. All competitors will also get free entrance to DreamHack Summer 2017, so no time to wait! Apply to be a part of the competition by filling in the form at this link!

For further rules regarding the contest, please read the rules and general info over here.


Competition Name: DreamHack Cosplay Open
Date: Monday June 19th, 16:00
Prize pool: 10 000 SEK
Entrance: All competitors will get a free event pass to the festival

Note: DreamHack Cosplay Crew will select up to 128 competitors based on the application below. All participants will get answer with in 2 weeks of application.

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