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Welcome to Open Air at DreamHack Summer 2017

– A new free outdoor area for everyone

DreamHack Summer 2017 is getting closer by the minute and we are now happy to reveal the largest development for this years festival – the 7000 m2 new Open Air area!

As DreamHack Summer 2017, June 17-20 at Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden is the best way to kick-start your summer break we’re excited to introduce a complete new outdoor area. This area is free to attend for anyone who wants to experience bits of Dreamhack for a day, but also enjoy food, music, adrenaline activities, and our gaming zone!

– This is hype for real. We have tried different types of outdoor area’s in the past. But this time, we’re talking about the largest event development of our concept since introducing two festivals a year, said Marcus Lindmark CEO of DreamHack.

DreamHack goes “free2play” with the new Open Air area

DreamHack will build an outdoor area at the green fields behind Elmia Exhibition and Convention Centre, called “400-fältet”, where some of Sweden’s largest outdoor exhibitions are being held already. This area will be gated but accessible for everyone through a special entrance at Lobby North parking. For all DreamHack Summer 2017 visitors you can just walk out on the backside of the event.

Open Air will be free to attend. There will also be plenty of activities, including music, food, activities, gaming zone, merchandise shop, ticket shop, and many other things. If you wanna test the real deal you can easily buy a day pass on-site and enter the halls of Elmia where you will find both DreamExpo, ton’s of esport tournaments and the unique DreamHack experience.

– This is our way to make our event “free2play”, just like the games we play. DreamHack becomes more accessible and we also attract new DreamHack fans by doing this, said Marcus Lindmark.

DreamHack’s Outdoor Stage – our “new Main Stage”

For the first time in DreamHack history we’re moving the Main Stage activities outdoors. All the music and other cool stuff you usually find at the Main Stage is now located at Open Air. On this stage you will be able to see the opening ceremony, all our main acts, but also other activities and fun. We will continue to have a Main Stage inside as well.

– The DreamHack Mainstage is already one of the largest Festival stages in Sweden but putting it outdoor create new opportunities both for concerts, where more people can attend but also gives opportunity to develop the experience, said Marcus Lindmark.

Don’t miss the Midnight Outdoor Opening Ceremony

Obviously we will shut down the lights in all halls at 16.00 as it’s one of the oldest DreamHack traditions. However, DreamHack is also planning a special Opening Ceremony at Midnight Saturday 17th of June (00.00) where you can expect something out of the ordinary!

Full schedule at the Main stage

DreamHack have already booked Wahlstedt, Dunderpatrullen, Sharks and Smash into Pieces to play at the Main Stage. Dreamhack will also release multiple news items about the coming Main Stage Schedule, with many music and DJ announcements to come. in the upcoming weeks.

Outdoor Food court with amazing food trucks

At DreamHack Summer 2017 we upgrade the food experience from what it used to be. We will bring multiple food trucks to the event and offer comfortable seating experience both open air and in a joint tent.

Take a break from gaming, walk out and have a nice burger in the sun!

Did you also know?

… DreamHack Summer 2017 offer an outdoor camping zone

If you don’t wanna sleep inside, you can instead experience the Swedish summer outside and book a camping ticket! Bring your own trailer, sleep in comfort, and more privately then in the Sleeping Hall.

… DreamHack host over 6 esport tournaments inside Elmia

DreamHack host some of world’s greatest esport tournaments inside Elmia. Get your ticket to the event, starting from 200 SEK, and witness the best esports, with the best casters in the business! We host DreamHack Open featuring $100,000 in CS:GO, HearthStone Grand Prix, DreamHack Smash Championship, StarCraft II World Championship Series, Heroes of the Storm Mid-Season Brawl and Street Fighter V CapCom tour.

.. experience DreamExpo inside Elmia

Inside DreamHack Summer 2017 you can find Sweden’s largest gaming expo – DreamExpo, where about 40-50 customers have their booths showcasing the best gadgets, products and services connected to the digital lifestyle. Make sure you check in and experience DreamExpo at Dreamhack Summer 2017

Get your tickets today!

To enjoy the full DreamHack Summer experience you need a ticket. Head over to our ticket site to check out the different ticket types and secure yours today!

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