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The amazing DJ Juicy M will perform at DreamHack Summer on Sunday night. Don’t miss her special mixing abilities and join the fun at the open air stage at 00:00 – 01:30 CEST!

Marta Snitkina, known as Juicy M or DJ Juicy M, is a Ukrainian electro and progressive house DJ and producer from Kiev. Her life has always been connected to music, and at the early age of five she attended dance courses, followed by a piano class in music school.

Juicy M started her career in 2007, playing hip hop on real vinyls with her fellow DJs Snake, Sub Zero and Cut Killer. This first period has heavily influenced her music, and now you can clearly hear a hip hop theme in her sets.

DJ Juicy M became quite popular after releasing her first mixing video on 4CDJs, which gained over 7 million views. She has produced more videos on Youtube and even mixed CDJ players without using headphones.

The main challenge of electronic dance music era in her career is obviously music production. Starting from the scratch without any support from big labels or publishers, she managed to open her own record label JUMMP Records and did a few collaboration tracks with young producers like herself.

JUMMP Records became a starting platform for young talents like Angemi, JuicyTraxx, JapaRoll etc. Luckily it also helped Juicy M herself to get noticed, and in 2015, she became the first female artist signed to Armada Music’s Chased Management.

Juicy M mixing 4 CDJs

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Soundcloud: dj-juicy-m
Youtube: Juicymtv

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