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Milwin will play on the Main Stage on Sunday night 01:00-02:00 CEST to thrill all the DreamHack Summer’s visitors!

Since childhood Edwin “Milwin” Lindberg’s life revolved around music. He was born in Sweden; his father was a musician, and as a six-year-old, Edwin started drumming on the kitchen pots, in the absence of the real drums.

Once Milwin’s grandfather discovered his love for rhythms, he replaced the pots with a real drum set. The drums were eventually transformed into a guitar, which turned into a piano, which inspired him to learn how to DJ, and at the age of twelve make his first DJ performance at his school’s party.

A few years later, at the age of 15, Milwin began to experiment with the music program Logic Pro. In addition to his music studies at high school, he began to produce music on a daily basis in his home studio. A fun fact: the nickname Milwin comes as a combination of his name and middle name – Edwin and Milton.

In 2015 Milwin released his first official single independently, called, “Coming After You”, which received a large number of streams in his home country – despite the absence of a record contract. In 2016 Milwin was approached by Universal Music who saw great potential in his music, and to start of 2017 he received his first record label deal.

Milwins latest single “Follow Your Heart” has streamed over 1 million times in less then a month and has been supported by Zara Larsson and several other artists world wide.

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Website: milwinonline

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