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Hundreds of players clashed against each other during the first day of DreamHack Grand Prix! After the first six rounds some of the most experienced ones earned a big edge over the others, but the competition is still open, as we have 60+ players that won at least four games out of six.

At the very top we find Hoej, Diggen, and Xixo with six victories, zero defeats, and a 6-0 score each. The former participated also at the previous DreamHack Summer 2016, earning the 3-4th place.

Here is the current top 10.

1. Hoej – 6-0
2. Xixo – 6-0
3. Diggen – 6-0
4. zumpp – 5-1
5. Orange – 5-1
6. Zananananan – 5-1
7. Impyyyyy – 5-1
8. Bunnyhoppor – 5-1
9. Mitsuhide – 5-1
10. espumito – 5-1

Note that currently the players up to the 21st position have a score of 5-1.

Day 2 Schedule

All games are listed in local time CEST.

Sunday, June 18th

12:00 – Preshow
12:15 – Round 7
14:00 – Round 8
15:45 – Round 9
17:30 – RO16 – 1+2
18:45 – RO16 – 3+4
20:00 – RO16 – 5+6
21:15 – RO16 – 7+8


If you missed the games, you can always watch the VODs over on our youtube channel as soon as they are up!

Watch Grand Prix Live

There are many ways to follow all the amazing stuff going on at DreamHack Summer, and we want you to join us here before the party ends! Purchase your Pass online today by going bokning.dreamhack.se. You can also buy all ticket on-site, we take both cash and all major cards. For those watching from home, www.dreamhack.tv will be your friend, covering all of the matches.

Stay updated

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