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Want to learn to play Magic: The Gathering?
Want to get your hands on awesome new cards?
Want to experience the horror of Hour of Devastation?
Head over to the Magic: The Gathering booth in Hall D to discover what the villainous Nicol Bolas has in store for all you mere mortals…

MagicTheGathering-Dreamhack 700
Join Gideon Jura on the Magic: The Gathering stand in Hall D for your chance to take down the villainous dragon, Nicol Bolas!

Throughout Dreamhack you can learn to play Magic: The Gathering, take part in their Booster Pack Guessing Game competition, and discover more about the ultimate strategy card game.

Full schedule of the event

Saturday, June 17th

11am-9pm: Learn to Play Magic
11am-4pm: Meet a Planeswalker – Gideon Jura

Sunday, June 18th

Sunday– 11am-9pm: Learn to Play Magic
Sunday – 11am-4pm: Meet a Planeswalker – Gideon Jura

Monday, June 19th

Monday – 11am-9pm: Learn to Play
If you’ve ever wanted to learn about the trading card game with nearly 25-years of history and over 20 million players worldwide, then now is your chance!

Head over to the Magic: The Gathering booth in Hall D and take part in one of their amazing ‘Learn To Play’ sessions, meet a real Planeswalker, and get your chance to win a whole bunch of Magic boosters! Throughout the event there will also be Magic: The Gathering tournaments being run by the Webhallen team and plenty of awesome Magic products for you to buy!

During DreamHack Summer 2017, one of the cards of the next set “Hour of Devastation”, will be shown live!

Ways to watch

There are many ways to follow all the amazing stuff going on at DreamHack Summer, and we want you to join us here before the party ends! Purchase your Pass online today by going bokning.dreamhack.se. You can also buy all ticket on-site, we take both cash and all major cards. For those watching from home, www.dreamhack.tv will be your friend, covering all of the matches.

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