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The second day of DreamHack Summer 2017 was even more amazing as all the esports competitions were on fire. All the talents and personalities invited to the event joined us for another time of great gaming and music!

If you missed the breathtaking opening ceremony, here is a video to relive it!



Stream and Fan Zones

Stream Zone

Today the members of Splay Gaming, one of the biggest gaming Youtube channels in the nordic region, met with their fans in Lobby Syd starting from 13:00. In the afternoon, our speedrunning crew held a keynote explaining all the basics of their art, such as history, tips and tricks, and showing off some of the glitches in the most popular games. You can find the replays on our channel.

Once again Tetra Pak joined the stage to give everyone the chance to try their products, and at 15:00 Creative Headz took over to demonstrate all the great possibilities of working with one’s hair style.

Summer open

Everyone was happy to meet with YZN at 19:00 – the famous Swedish streamer is loved for his sincerity and great passion! However, there were a lot more great streamers – around 20 have joined us in the stream zone, where their fans were captivated by the joy of their idols streaming live. Among the many we find 360chrism and zaitr0s.

Stream and Fan Zones schedule



Esports and BYOC

wcs summer

DreamHack ASTRO Open ended the group stage with the elimination and decider matches, thus now we have the four teams that advanced to the playoffs, scheduled to be played tomorrow. In Hearthstone Grand Prix and WCS Jönköping we moved from hundreds of players to the top 16. Today we also nominated the first champions of DreamHack – in Smash, Street Fighter V, and Rocket League.

The HotS Mid-Season Brawl featured the winner’s finals and the remaining loser’s rounds – we already have one of the grand finalists while the second will be determined tomorrow. Finally, the PUBG LAN continued with another daily challenge, rich prizes waiting for the champions.

astro summer

The BYOC tournaments today advanced to the group stages for CS:GO, League of Legends and Overwatch – Rocket League instead featured the playoffs.

Full Esports Schedule

Recaps of the Tournaments

Hearthstone Grand Prix
Starcraft II WCS Jönköping
Smash Championship
Capcom Pro Tour
DreamHack Rocket League Championship
DreamHack Pokkén Tournament Championship




monster summer

The crew of Magic: The Gathering continued teaching the game to the new players, starting from 11:00. In our Expo you could also find thousands of gaming and tech products provided by the giants of the industry, such as Asus ROG, Steelseries, Trust Gaming and more. If you were thirsty or tired, at any time we had Monster Energy for you guys!



Open Air and Main Stage

cosplay day 2

At 16:00 on the open air stage we hosted the DreamHack World Cosplay Championship – we thank everyone who joined us in this magic afternoon! The full album with all the cosplays is available here.

From evening to late night we had music non-stop in the open air. The Swedish chip music producer Dubmood started at 18.00 and was followed at 22:00 by the award-winning international rock-export Smash Into Pieces! At midnight DJ Juicy M went on the stage to grant everyone an unforgettable night party with dance and some great tunes.

In the main stage, at 20:00 we had a Twitch stream flash mob, with hundreds of attendees joining the ranks, and among the other events, at 23:00 360chrism did a speedrun of Super Mario 64!

For tomorrow’s schedule of all activities, event.dreamhack.com is your best friend!



summer dance2

Ways to watch

There are many ways to follow all the amazing stuff going on at DreamHack Summer, and we want you to join us here before the party ends! Purchase your Pass online today by going bokning.dreamhack.se. You can also buy all ticket on-site, we take both cash and all major cards. For those watching from home, www.dreamhack.tv will be your friend, covering all of the matches.

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