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Jon “Orange” Westberg conquered the title of champion at DreamHack Summer Grand Prix with a triumphant victory in the grand finals. He earned $7,500 and 15 HTC Points!

The Alliance player has also participated at several previous DreamHack events: Winter 2015, Austin 2016, and Summer 2016. We are glad that his perseverance finally paid back with a well deserved trophy.

His run during the Swiss group stage was almost flawless, as he won seven games out of nine. In the playoffs Orange had a stable performance, winning the quarter and semifinals 3 to 2, but in the Grand Finals he surprised the crowd by defeating the opponent – espumito, with an impressive score of 3 to 0.


RO8 – #1  Hoej vs  espumito – 2-3
RO8 – #2  Impyyyyy vs Xixo – 2-3
RO8 – #3  hunterace vs Orange – 2-3
RO8 – #4 Seiko vs  zumpp – 2-3
RO4 – #1  espumito vs Xixo – 3-2
RO4 – #2  Orange vs  zumpp – 3-2
GRAND FINAL –  Orange vs  espumito – 3-0

1st place – $7,500 + 15 HCT Points – Orange
2nd place – $3,500 +12 HCT Points –  espumito
3rd-4th place – $2,050 +8 HCT Points – Xixo –  zumpp


If you missed the games, you can always watch the VODs over on our youtube channel as soon as they are up!

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