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SK Gaming are the champions of DreamHack ASTRO Open, and will bring home a grand prize of $50,000!

The Brazilians scored 2-1 in the Group A, obtaining the spot in the playoffs after defeating Mousesports in the decider match. The semifinals saw a battle against Counter Logic Gaming, secured by a splendid victory on Cobblestone, 16 to 9.

In the Grand Finals they faced Fnatic, triumphing 2 to 1. The first victory took place on Inferno, where, after a rather balanced first half, SK had the upper hand as Terrorists by scoring 8 rounds. The trophy was secured on Mirage, courtesy of João ”felps” Vasconcellos, who inflicted 110 average damage per round, 23 kills, obtaining a solid 1.55 rating.

We hope that all our visitors and viewers from home had the greatest fun during the event! The stage for the next DreamHack ASTRO Open event is Valencia – the prize pool remains the same: $100,000!

Final Standings

1st – $50,000 – br SK Gaming
2nd – $20,000 – sw Fnatic
3-4th – $10,000 – br Immortals – usa CLG
5-6th. $3,000 – eu Mousesports – cis Gambit
7-8th. $2,000 – dk Singularity – usa Cloud9


Group A – Match #1 – br SK Gaming vs dk Singularity – 16-9
Group B – Match #1 – cis Gambit vs usa CLG – 16-19
Group A – Match #2 – eu Mousesports vs br Immortals – 6-16
Group B – Match #2 – sw Fnatic vs usa Cloud9 – 16-12
Group A – Winner’s Match – br SK Gaming vs br Immortals – 10-16
Group B – Winner’s Match – usa CLG vs sw Fnatic – 31-28

Group A – Elimination Match – dk Singularity vs eu Mousesports – 0-2
Group B – Elimination Match – cis Gambit vs usa Cloud9 – 2-0
Group A – Decider Match – br SK Gaming vs eu Mousesports – 2-0
Group B – Decider Match – sw Fnatic vs cis Gambit – 2-0 

Semi-final #1 – usa CLG vs br SK Gaming – 1-2 
Semi-final #2 – br Immortals vs sw Fnatic – 1-2
Grand Final – br SK Gaming vs sw Fnatic – 2-1


If you missed the games, you can always watch the VODs over on our youtube channel as soon as they are up!

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