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StarCraft II is making a triumphant return to Jönköping at DreamHack Summer 2017 with the WCS Jönköping Circuit Championship event! Next year in addition to stops at DreamHack Austin, Valencia, and Montreal, StarCraft II comes to DreamHack Summer to revisit the halls of previous champions and cement its place in DreamHack’s lofty halls. The tournament will feature a whopping $100,000 prize pool as well as a coveted spot into the WCS Global Finals for the winner. In addition, with open signups anyone is able to test their mettle and come in to play against the best.

Tournament Info

Dates: June 17th-20th
Location: DreamHack Summer, Elmia Fair
Prize Pool: $100,000 and a seed into the WCS Global Finals


Tournament will be three group stages played in Dual-Tournament (GSL) format with best-of-threes, followed by a single elimination bracket. The map pool used will be the current ladder pool at event time.

Group Stage
Group Stage 1: 64 open sign-up players. Dual-tournament Bo3 groups, top 2 from each advance.
Group Stage 2: Top 32 from Group Stage 1, dual-tournament Bo3 groups where top 2 advance.
Group Stage 3: 16 players from Group Stage 2 meet 16 players from WCS Challengers. Dual-tournament Bo3 groups, top 2 from each group advance.

Bracket Stage
Seeding: #1 Group Stage vs #2 Group Stage, ranked by WCS points.

The rounds of 16, 8, and 4 will be best-of-five with a best-of-seven grand finals.

Open Sign-Ups

Continuing the long tradition of StarCraft II events with open sign-ups, the WCS Jönköping Circuit Championship will feature 64 open spots to anyone who wishes to come to compete against the best of the best. Sign-ups will open soon so check back here or stay tuned to @DreamHackSC2 on twitter to get ready to reserve your place in the annals of history.

Additionally you can earn your way to WCS Jönköping with a paid trip by winning a slot through WCS Challengers, either by performing well on the ladder or in a slew of online cups. A total of 16 players will earn automatic entrance to Group Stage 3 as well as travel and accommodation across each region.

4 North America
4 Europe
2 Latin America
2 China
2 Taiwan
2 Australia/New Zealand/SEA


Passes for visitors who wish to compete or spectate onsite are available for each day of the event on our ticket page. Viewers from around the world who aren’t able to make it out to DreamHack Summer will be able to catch all the best games streamed online at Stay tuned to @DreamHack for more information, including the full tournament schedule, broadcast talent, and the list of competitors.

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