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DreamHack and Twitch.TV Announce Record-Breaking Online Viewership

DreamHack and Twitch.TV Announce Record-Breaking Online Viewership 1,7 Million Unique Viewers tuned in for DreamHack Winter 2011 on TwitchTV, the world’s largest video game broadcasting community. December 6, 2011 – San Francisco, CA and Stockholm, Sweden – DreamHack, the world’s largest computer festival, and TwitchTV, the world’s largest video game broadcasting community, today announced record-breaking [...]

Photos And Videos From DHw11

Thank you all for a great event, hope to see you again for the DreamHack Summer 2012. If you missed anything you can always relive it on our flickr or Youtube-channel. A bunch of new photos is uploaded every day so visit flickr now if you missed someting!

DHW11 slår alla rekord

20 984 deltagare, snabbaste Internetuppkopplingen i världen, rekord i kapacitetsutnyttjande och 13 010 unika enheter i nätverket – DreamHack Winter 2011 hade världens snabbaste Internetuppkoppling från Cisco och Telia. Den rekordstora publiken – 20 984 deltagare – uppmanades att pressa nätet till max och lyckades även slå rekord i kapacitetsutnyttjande – totalt 23.4 gigabits. Det [...]

Benelux gamers had a great time

During this edition there were 150 gamers from Belgium and The Netherlands thanks to Intel Pack4DreamHack, the organisation that makes sure that people from all over the Benelux can attend DreamHack. The Benelux based freelanners, pro-gamers and E-sport supporters all enjoyed the event very much. Thanks to some bloggers, a video team and a photographer [...]

Relive DreamHack with Intel

Relive DreamHack with IntelTV DreamHack Winter 2011 is over but our strategic partner Intel have made some very nice Youtube-movies from DreamHack. Thanks to Intel for supporting DreamHack and our festival.

eSports at DHW11

The finals of DreamArena Extreme During the DreamHack Winter 2011 a lot of records have been broken and for the eSport of DreamHack it was another amazing record in attention, player numbers and prize money. All the tournament finished during Saturday and we have a bunch of new DreamHack Champions DreamHack Zotac Championship – Quake [...]

Starcraft II Final Recap

The Final of DreamArena SAPPHIRE AMD Championship in StarCraft II Right now, LiquidHerO and EGPuMa are duking it out against one another in the DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship Starcraft II final. Read the full recap, game by game. Game One The first game was on metalopolis, with PuMa going 4 Barracks into expand, and HerO [...]

Dreamhack Expo!

The Dreamhack Expo was a success with more visitors than ever in the booths. – It’s been great! It’s been more visitors than ever and we are definitely coming back, says one off the Steelseries guys as he takes a short brake in the demolition to talk to us. Companies like MSI, Logitech, s2-games, Tt-Esport and [...]

Visit our flickr!

Are you up for some great photos from us at the Coverage Crew? Don´t miss all the action captured from us. Flickr will offer you the whole DreamHack experience in pictures, can it bee better? Click here, here or HERE to visit our awesome photostream!

CS 1.6 Final

MSI Beat It CS 1.6 Final is now live! DreamArena Extreme is almost full, so hurry up if you want to get a seat! If you are too lazy you can just watch the whole final on our live stream at GG!

Dreamhack Recap Day 2

The awesome Recap from day 2 is now up on our youtube stream. If you want that amazing DreamHack feeling you should check it out right now!

Go Behind the Network at Dreamhack

Go Behind the Network at Dreamhack Today at 12.00 you have an unique and exclusive oppertunity to go “Behind the Network” at Dreamhack Winter 2011. Together with Dreamhacks’ Tech Crew you can walk around the Elmia compound and experience first hand how the worlds fastest internet connection has been built together with partners Telia and [...]

StarCraft II Playoff

During the second day of DreamHack Winter 2011 the DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship in StarCraft II continued. The second group stage has been completed and the playoffs drawn. DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship has now reached the playoffs in StarCraft II. During the first two days 64 players have fought for the 16 slots in the [...]

Caster Signings

Caster Signings We’ve already have had a number of signing sessions with pro players such as Stephano, SjoW, HuK, Sheth and PuMa at the player lounge in hall C. Now it’s time for the casters! On Saturday the 26th of November every casting duo will attend signing sessions. We don’t have too much time for each session, [...]

Stephano vs NaNiWa recap

Stephano vs NaNiWa recap Stephano, one of the best if not the best zerg player in the world, faced the swede NaNiWa in a Best of 3 at 11 A.M today. However, despite of these players standing on top of the Starcraft 2 world, both of them lost their first matches . Sheth defeated Stephano [...]

DongRaeGu and Genius signing

In just 30 minutes it is time for the last signing. This time both DongRaeGu and Genius from coL.MVP will be available in the players lounge in the C-hall. So don’t miss out on a chance to get a free poster and autographs from two of your favorite players.

Team Dignitas and White-Ra signing!

In just 30 minutes Team Dignitas and White-Ra will be doing a signing event in the C-hall.  So if you want some posters signed, head out to the C-hall and visit them in the players lounge! The signing will take place 19:00 so hurry over ther before the line gets to long!

Scene Activity

Main Stage in hall D is where all the things happen. If you are lucky you can get choosen for a random competition and win great prizes! Find all the photos on flickr.

StarCraft II Meet n’ Greet

StarCraft II Meet n’ Greet Wanna meet your favorite StarCraft 2 player? Team Liquid’s Sheth and Evil Geniuses’s HuK and PuMa will be signing autographs and meet their fans in the Pro Gamer booth in Hall C at 4pm. and Telia have setup a Player Lounge for the pro players where the signings will [...]

Good Morning Dreamhack!

Good Morning Dreamhack Day 1

Dreamhack Recap of Thursday Highlights

Recap of Thursday Highlights

DH Fans – Bli medlem och VINN!

Vi gillar dreamhack lika mycket som du! Därför kommer vi, föreningen Dreamhack Fans under årets Dreamhack, att lotta ut priser! Förstapris är en top-of-the-line Tauros-gaming dator med den bästa prestandan en äkta gamer kan tänkas vilja ha. Våra andra priser består av en Alienware datorskärm, Battlefield 3-spel och Arkham City cd-key. Bästa av allt är [...]

Excellent Servers at DHW11

Excellent Servers will as usual be responsible for the servers for Dreamhacks CS tournament. Every team that enters the BYOC will recieve one month server from Excellent Servers. We will have a competition where you have the chance to win nice prizes from Ace of Sweden, Battlefield games and a lot of credits from Excellent [...]


Meet AMD’s Mathias Karlsson as he talks about current AMD products, and how a company with graphics and processor technologies might combine them in the future. After the presentation, you will have the opportunity to discuss and ask questions about AMD’s products and technologies. AMD (NYSE: AMD) is a semiconductor design innovator leading the next [...]

DreamHack in pictures

If you are having a hard time finding pictures from the event , just visit our Flickr where you can view our photostream. It is being updated all the time and you can find pictures of all the big events and miscellaneous from around the halls here. DreamHacks photostream

Angry Birds Tournament

At 11.00 am the Angry Birds Tournament will start in DreamArena Orange. Birds will fly and pigs will be reduced to pork. Hurry up and don’t miss it!

E-Type photos

Did you miss when E-Type rocked the main stage apart? Relive it now with some awesome photos from the Coverage Team. Hurry up and check them out on our flickr!

SC2 schedule – Day 2

Second day of StarCraft II The first day of DremHack Sapphire AMD Championship gave us some epic action. But now with only 32 players remaining we’ll hopfully see even better matches! We kick off with the Group of Evil Death including star profiles like HuK , IdrA & PuMa. Official bracket: Get all the latest [...]

eSports of Day 1

eSports of Day 1 DreamHack open up the doors this morning and the eSports tournaments have kicked off and worked through BYOCs and group stages DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship – StarCraft II The StarCraft II tournament started this morning and has finished the first group stage, 32 players have advanced and 32 have have been [...]

Vizay photos

Vizay rocked hard on mainstage in hall D with some awesome dubstep tunes. You danced, we took the photos! Check them out right now here.

Snap ‘n’ Win with Sapphire

In addition to the streams here at DreamHack, Sapphire has arranged a pretty funny competition on the Facebook page. The theme of the contest is “How do you watch the stream?” and everyone allowed to enter. The prices each day is three Sapphire graphic cards. All you have to do to get a chance of [...]

Computer in distress?

Computer in distress? DreamHack winter 2011 has now been open for a few hours and people have gotten a bit more settled in. Are you among the unlucky ones who has encountered problems with your computer? If that is the case, then you can visit the support team in hall D and they hopefully they [...]

Welcome to DreamHack

Welcome to DreamHack How does it feel to finally get inside? Joakim Henriksson: It’s a little bittersweet, since although I was first in line, I didn’t manage to be first inside. Max Gustafsson: Amazing, it’s my first time being here. Jocke Nyberg: It feels really good! Malin Nilsson: Totally awesome, I’ve been waiting for this [...]

Intel extreme SWAT airsoft

Intel Extreme SWAT Airsoft Ever wanted to try out Counter-Strike in real life? Now’s your chance! During DreamHack Intel will host Intel Extreme SWAT Airsoft , where groups of five friends get together and try to rescue hostages from armed terrorists in our arena. Shifts: Friday 25th of november 11.00-13.00 14.00-16.00 18.00-20.00 21.00-23.00 00.00-02.00 Saturday [...]

E-type on Main Stage

E-type on Main Stage At 21.00 this evening, the Swedish eurodancer musician E-type will enter the Main Stage. E-type is known for spectacular shows at the scene with pyrotechnics and confetti. He has made many hit songs, such as Campione 2000,  Life, and Paradise. So get over to Main Stage at 9 P.M  for a show you [...]

Compete in DreamHack Kreativ

Compete in DreamHack Kreativ Produce graphics, music, video or maybe code a bit and compete with DreamHack Kreativ. DH Kreativ arranges competitions for all our creative visitors out there. We have everything from photo competitions, to “create your home made video”, to hardcore demo-coding. We’ll have a big show during the last night with the [...]

Building DreamHack

StarCraft II Meet n’ Greet

StarCraft II Meet n’ Greet Wanna meet your favorite StarCraft 2 player? Team Liquid will be signing autographs and meet their fans at the Pro Gamer booth in Hall C. Shake hands with TLO and Ret, get HayprO’s autograph, take a photo with Sheth or talk to HerO. You’re favorite will be waiting! and [...]

Claim Your Space in Cyberspace

Claim Your Space in Cyberspace – Site Building, SEO Made Simple – Set up a nice site just like you want it in minutes using drag-and-drop techniques. Sweden’s best hosting company 2009 & 2010, Binero, will show you how with a new tool. One of Sweden’s Leading SEO Gurus Simon Sundén (@joinsimon) will go over [...]

Vizay rocks out

Vizay rocks out At midnight between Thursday and Friday, Vizay will take the scene and play some awesome dubstep. Come to dance and join the party at Main Stage tonight!

Clash of the Crew

Clash of the Crew Wednesday evening brought an pleasant experience to Dreamhack’s newly-built main stage. The finals of the crew tournament, recently dubbed “tech Team SCII finals” by Sean “Day[9]” Plott, who casted the games. The finals marked the end of the 2nd annual tournament, and in my opinion a great opportunity for the crew [...]

CS:GO Beta-keys and Challenge

Tonight at DreamHack Winter, Natus Vincere and Fnatic, two of the most accomplished Counter-Strike teams in the world, will clash in a show match in Valve’s upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. SteelSeries will also hand out a hundred CS:GO beta-keys to the spectators at the event! The match will start on 20:30 CET, will be be [...]

DreamHack Opening Ceremony

Today at 4 P.M DreamHack will commence its opening ceremony at the Main Stage in hall D. We will have tons of festivities for you to enjoy, like laser shows, movies and music. It’ll most certainly be an awesome event, so don’t miss out on it!

The doors are open

The doors are open The doors to DreamHack Winter 2011 is now open. This morning the line of people was long, and the weather was cold. But when the doors opened a warm feeling made it to all of us. Check ut all the photos on our flickr. Welcome to the best and biggest DreamHack [...]

DreamHack.TV – All Streams!

On you will find all the live streams from DreamHack Winter 2011. GO GO GO!

Score Robots!

You can follow all our official tournaments on Twitter – Up to date score directly to your feed! Follow now! DreamHack Score Robots StarCraft II Dota 2 Counter-Strike 1.6 Quake Live Heroes Of Newerth Street Fighter


SAPPHIRE has a few special opportunities for you during the StarCraft2 tournament together with AMD and DreamHack. Take a photo of where or with whom you’re watching DreamHack Winter 2011 StarCraft2 Livestream and get as many votes as you can! Contest running November 24-27 at If you happen to be at the DH, show [...]

Win Razer Gaming Suite

Win the ultimate Razer Gaming Suite – consisting of the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Gaming Keyboard, Razer Imperator 4G Gaming Mouse, Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset, Razer Goliathus Extended Gaming Surface, Razer Bungee Cord Management system and a kickass Razer flask by joining us today at Contest runs from 24th November 2011 to 1st December 2011. [...]

DH Fans – Become a fan!

Då vi alla älskar att vara på Dreamhack så har vi bestämt oss för att starta en förening som ska medverka på Dreamhack och göra festen ännu bättre! Föreningen heter DH Fans, för vi är ju alla fans av Dreamhack eller hur? Om du vill vara en del av oss kan du bli det helt [...]


I somras inledde DreamHack och Svenska E-sportföreningen sitt samarbete. Samarbetet gick ut på att SESF skulle utbilda domare och certfifiera DreamHacks turneringar. Till vinterns evenemang har samarbetet blivit realitet. DreamHack kommer att använda sig av SESF:s turneringslicens som innebär att gällande turneringsstandarder följs och att domare genomgår en utbildning på plats. Utbildningen kommer till vinterns [...]

Increase Your APM

Increase Your APM with SteelSeries 6Gv2 Red Edition. The 6Gv2, SteelSeries’ award-winning, mechanical keyboard, is the weapon of choice for some of the best gamers in the world. Helping to win more tournaments and prize money than any other mechanical keyboard on the planet, the 6Gv2 is tournament approved with a native USB connection, and [...]

Political debate

A good and important Dreamhack tradition is to give the opportunity for young politicians from different Swedish parties to come and discus important questions about our digital world and everything around it. At Dreamhack Winter 2011 the debate will be held at DreamArena Orange, on Friday the 25th of November at 3pm (15:00). The politicians [...]

Do You kick ass in MW3?

Do You kick ass in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare3? Really? Because if you do – you could (theoretically) try to kick not only our asses at Sweden’s best web host Binero but also win glory and compete for quite a hefty piece of hardware, an Acer Predator i7 computer. In our booth B06:03 right [...]


FIRST DAY OF STARCRAFT II The official StarCraft II tournament: DreamHack Sapphire AMD Championship kicks off tomorrow 10.00 CET when we start the 64-player group stage in Jönköping, Sweden. 36 matches will be livestreamed at 3 official StarCraft II-streams – live from DreamHack Winter 2011. Everything made possible thanks by SteelSeries, EIZO, Sapphire and AMD. [...]

SVT broadcasting live

SVT broadcasting live SVT Play is broadcasting live from DreamHack Winter 2011 including the finals in Counter-Strike, Starcraft 2, Heroes of Newerth, Quake Live and Super Street Fighter IV. The broadcast is in Swedish. Broadcast starts 11:50 Saturday 26th of november. See Swedish trailer below.

Traffic information

Here are the traffic information for DreamHack Winter 2011. Download the PDF and print it and bring it in the car! Download as PDF here!

Intel på DHW11

Stockholm, 22 november 2011. Intel är återigen strategisk partner till världens största datorfestival DreamHack och kommer att vara på plats 24-27 november med sin största monter någonsin. Intel är också i kärnan av DreamHack i och med att DreamHacks mest kraftfulla datorer drivs av Intelprocessorer. Intel@DreamHack Winter 2011 i korthet: · Intel kommer hålla två [...]

First in line

The line outside the doors of DreamHack is already forming and we’ve talked to the guy claiming the first spot. Joakim Henriksson is proud to be number one. When did you arrive? Monday night at about 10.30 p.m. What is it like sleeping outside in this cold? It’s ok I guess. I have alot of [...]

Syntjuntan at DHW11

Syntjuntan is an ensemble of female composers, musicians and instrument builders. We have started syntjuntan to meet women’s curiosity for technology and electronics, to encourage them to build instruments and other means to facilitate their own experimentation. Syntjuntan want to help women have better self-esteem, so they can take the place needed to implement their [...]

Vinn Hallonlakritsskallar

Johan Davidsson, Amy Diamond, The Moniker, I’m from Barcelona… Jönköping har många fantastiska ambassadörer. Och så har vi Hallonlakritsskallen – kanske en av de allra största med nästan 330 000 fans på Facebook! Några av dem hoppas vi träffa på DreamHack – då har du nämligen chansen att vinna kilovis med Hallonlakritsskallar! Bege dig därför [...]

New date: Zalza live!

NEW TIME AND DATE! Zalza will perform at the main stage at DreamHack Winter 2011 Friday 25 November 22.00 CET. The electro chip-pop-revolutionary Zalza strikes back with some electronic bleeps and bloops for your ears. You’ll be attacked with edgy tracks with 8-bit sounds from the past to the future. Zalza is known for releasing [...]


At DreamHack on November 24th to 27th Cisco and Telia are building the world’s fastest Internet connection with speeds of breathtaking 120 gigabits per second. DreamHack is expected to attract a record number of participants this year – about 20 000 people. With their help, the aim is to beat the world record in capacity [...]

Tröttnat på buggar?

Om du vill utveckla ett spel utan buggar är spelprogrammet på Södertörns högskola något för dig! Spelprogrammet ger dig branschanpassade kunskaper för dig som vill arbeta med speldesign och spelutveckling professionellt, både nationellt och internationellt. Om du väljer att söka spelprogrammet kan du välja mellan tre inriktningar: • Speldesign och projektledning • Spelgrafik • Spelprogrammering. [...]

Digital Forensics

This presentation is going to introduce you to what digital forensics is about. Digital Forensics is a relatively young discipline with increasing importance since more or less any activity a person makes nowadays have digital artifacts connected in one or other form. These artifacts are important to collect when a crime is committed. There is [...]

Kultur på DHW11

manga Syntjuntan workshop pärlplattor Warhammer knappmaskin hemslöjd väv ditt armband! workshop koppla av pitchtävling bibblan prova en rustning sticka spela läsa brodera QR spinn garn rista runor Monter B06:10 Sy din egen synt med Syntjuntan! Lördagen den 26 november träffar du Syntjuntan i vår monter. I en workshop kan du skapa ditt egna instrument. Du [...]

The Swedish Armed Forces

There is a great deal worth fighting for. The Swedish Armed Forces are continuously prepared to respond to conflicts in order to protect human rights, defend democracy, safeguard peace and other common values. A total of 50 000 employees and volunteers stand ready to act on conflicts all over the world. We are specialized in [...]

DAO Tetris Tournament

The last events the DreamArena Orange crew have hosted some small tournaments, open for anyone that wants to come. This is known as a fun and relaxing time were YOU have the chance to show your skills in some of the best(?) games in the world! This year we will as usual play Tetris but [...]

1000 CS:GO beta keys at DHW11

1000 CS:GO beta keys at DHW11 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) will expand upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 12 years ago. CS: GO features new maps, characters, and weapons and delivers updated versions of the classic CS content (de_dust, etc.). In addition, CS: GO will introduce new gameplay [...]

F1NGGY & Rectonez

F1NGGY and Rectonez are back with harder stylez. They perform the first night 0200 at Dreamhack mainstage. F1NGGY will also perform with dubstep same time same place the second night.

Twitch.TV & Telia Players Lounge

Twitch.TV & Telia Players Lounge This year at DreamHack Winter 2011, Telia and Twitch.TV team up to create DreamHacks very first Players Lounge. Hundreds of gamers from around the Globe will have new relax and chillout area during DreamHack Winter 2011 24-27 november. The players lounge is open to all DreamHack invited players and commentators. [...]

StarCraft II Groups

DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship Groups Tonight we can present all the information of the DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship. The groups has been drawn and the schedule is ready to be released. Update 2011-11-23: Second update on replacement of players Flo had to unfortunately cancel her participation and will be replaced Seala and Satiini will be [...]


Dells Alienware, som är förknippade med att bygga marknadens kraftfullaste speldatorer, invaderar återigen spelfestivalen DreamHack i Jönköping. Alienware har i samarbete med DreamHack Winter 2011 genomfört en stor undersökning för att ta reda på vad spelarna tror kommer bli evenemangets hetaste och mest hypade spel. Närmare 900 (862) svarande deltog i undersökningen. Den solklara vinnaren [...]

First pics from DHW11

First pics from DHW11 The first official pics from this winters edition of DreamHack are live at our flickr stream. Be sure to check it out as we’ll add more pictures continously during the week.


DREAMHACK MSI BEAT IT HON GROUPS ANNOUNCEDAfter a successful qualifying process for many teams around the world, only a few days are left until DH MSI BEAT IT HoN starts. The greatest Heroes of Newerth tournament to date will kick off on Thursday, 24th of November at 14:00, on first day of Dreamhack Winter. With [...]

Norlie & KKV

Norlie & KKV TO PERFORM LIVE AT DREAMHACK WINTER DreamHack is proud to announce that Norlie & KKV is ready for DreamHack Winter 2011. They will play at the Main Stage 21.00 Saturday 26th of November. Norlie & KKV is currently 15th at the Spotify toplist with their hit song “När Jag Går Ner”. The [...]

SVT Play Rematch

SVT PLAY BROADCAST DREAMHACK – SEE 8TH EPSIODE OF REMATCH Swedish National Television will broadcast DreamHack Winter 2011 again. It will be full focus on DreamHacks finals in the eSports tournaments and a live studio show from Kinnarps Arena when we play the final matches in StarCraft II, Super Street Fighter IV and Quake Live [...]

From Gamer to Developer

Last autumn we were thrown into the world of game development at Futuregames, a vocational education in Stockholm. Just over a year later, we’re here at Dreamhack as the startup company Sublime Interactive, presenting the game Unmechanical on the big screen. This talk takes you through our experiences so far, beginning with getting into a [...]

Skateboard i B-hallen är en av Sveriges ledande aktörer inom brädsporter och dess livsstil. Under Dreamhack kommer vi bygga upp en skatebordramp i vilken du kan åka hur mycket du vill med din egen eller en lånad bräda. Missa inte våran fullmatade butik som kommer finnas i samband med skateparken där du hittar ledande streetwearmärken till priser [...]

Swedish Armed Forces at DAO

The Swedish Armed Forces offers a wide range of possibilities and choices for anyone who wants to do something different for a living. Captain Melker Johansson will tell you all about our new role as an employer and give you the information you need to become one of us. He will talk about education, training [...]

Mad Catz at DHW11

Mad Catz will be at Dreamhack 2011 – stop by our booth to see the excitement – including: – Exclusive preview and demos – including the Cyborg MMO 7 Mouse – Autographs and gaming tips from Team Mad Catz representatives – Hang out and play against the legendary gamer TEJBZ – Live games, tournaments and [...]


The BYOC-tickets to DreamHack WInter 2011 are totally sold out and this will be the largest DreamHack ever arranged, we are extremely excited to welcome you all to party with us on Thursday 24 November 08.00 when we open the doors to heaven! You can still buy event tickets, day tickets and tickets to DreamArena [...]

MSI at DHW11

MSI proudly announces our participation at DreamHack Winter 2011. For the fourth year in a row, MSI will be present with a fully equipped booth, filled with gaming gear, hardware and notebooks, all ready for the latest PC block-buster games. This year at DreamHack Winter, MSI is serving the gaming community in many ways by [...]

Activate your ticket today!

Activate now! Its time to activate your tickets for DreamHack Winter 2011 and print your tickets to bring to the festival. For all of you who have bought the express ticket, all is in the mail and should arrive this week within Sweden and early next week for you outside Sweden. 1. Go to [...]

Counter-strike 1.6 Schedule

Today we can present the groups and schedule for DreamHack MSI Beat it – Counter-Strike 1.6 tournament. Group A – SK Gaming, Anexis, Electronic Sahara, BYOC #2 Group B – AGAiN, ESC Gaming, Antwerp Aces, BYOC #1 Group C – Moscow Five, fnatic, TeG, We Need $ Group D – mousesports, Lions, k1ck, Earthquake Thursday [...]

Fatshark talks Krater

Krater is Swedish for Crater, and the name gives a hint of the setting of the game. Krater is a lush post-apocalyptic top down RPG and the base pillars are crafting, exploration and consequence. Consequence brings not only the ability for the characters to level up and improve themselves, but also permanent injuries and death. [...]

SSFIVAE: Sign up now!

Are you ready to fight? You better be! It´s time to pre-register for the Energizer Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Championship where a total of 50 000 SEK and a ultimate final at DreamArena AMD Sapphire in front of a massive audience are at stake. Tournament area open around the clock & two streams [...]

HoN Prize Pool Increase

Prize Pool Increase for the MSi BEAT IT Heroes of Newerth Tournament – DreamHack Winter 2011 is rapidly approaching and Heroes of Newerth is preparing to make a huge splash at the world’s largest LAN party. From November 24-27 the best teams from around the world will throw down in the MSi BEAT IT Heroes [...]


TEJBZ TO HOST DREAMARENA AMD SAPPHIRE Swedish Youtube sensation Tejbz will host DreamArena AMD Sapphire at 26th of November. He will join the famous StarCraft II-casters Day[9], Tasteless, Artosis, Apollo, TotalBiscuit and MrBitter on-stage and be the official presenter of the games and the show. Tobias “Tejbz” Öjerfalk is a Youtube phenomenon in the gaming [...]

Celebrate with Intel

If you’re looking for the best, this is your day. Intel just launched the new 2nd generation Intel Core i7 processor Extreme Edition which provides the ultimate benefit for gamers looking for unmatched gaming performance, whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional. To celebrate the Intel Core i7-3960X and Core i7-3930K arriving on [...]

Talangjakt på DHW11

Billys & Gorbys kreativitetstävling

Var med i Billys & Gorbys kreativitetstävling 2011 och vinn 3000 kr! Med ett nytt koncept på tävling kommer ni ges chansen att illustrera er version av en motståndare till roboten Billy! Gör din egen version och var med och tävla om inte mindre än 3000 kr samt coola prylar från SteelSeries och DreamHack! Förstapris: [...]


DREAMHACK WINTER 2011: CASTERS ANNOUNCED DreamHack announce Official Shoutcasters for DreamHack Winter 2011 including Day[9], Apollo, TotalBiscuit, Artosis, Tasteless and MrBitter. Also, schedule released for the DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship sponsored by SteelSeries, EIZO, Sapphire and AMD. Dear StarCraft II-community. DreamHack Winter 2011 will be a very special event. We have already announced our arena [...]


DreamHack Presents: eSports 4.0 – DreamArena AMD SAPPHIRE Today DreamHack, Sapphire, AMD and Telia takes the next leap forward, presenting the next generation of esports entertainment. At DreamHack Winter 2011 we’ll enter Kinnarps Arena, one of Sweden’s largest ice hockey arenas, where over 4.000 eSports fans can watch the best live esports entertainment in the [...]

Sista chansen! Tävla nu!

Vilket blir årets hetaste spel på DreamHack? Svara och vinn en unik VIP-upplevelse! – DreamHack Winter 2011 närmar sig med stormsteg och spelare från hela världen har börjat ladda med träning och nya spel inför eventet i Jönköping. Men vilket blir det hetaste spelet på DreamHack, vilket spel får mest hype och kommer spelas av [...]

QcK+ DotA 2 World Premiere

SteelSeries QcK+ DotA 2 Edition will make it´s world premiere at DreamHack Winter 2011 when DreamStore Powered By Webhallen opens up at 10.00 Thursday 24 November. The mousepad will be yours for only 199 SEK. The SteelSeries QcK+ DotA 2 Edition provides players with a smooth and consistent glide surface and a non-slip rubber base [...]

E-type @ DHW11

E-type to perform at Main stage – Thursday 21.00 Next big music artist ready for DreamHack Winter 2011 is swedish Eurodance musician E-type. He will play on the opening day 21.00 on the Main Stage! Eurodance-king E-type had is breaktrough in 1994 with his album “Made in Sweden” and ever since he’s been one of [...]

Be A Shoutcaster

Have you always wanted to be a StarCraft II shoutcaster? Get your chance now and show us and Sapphire Technology your talent! Record your own comment (in English) to the exciting part of DreamHack Valencia final between ThorZaIN and DongRaeGu. The winner selected by Apollo will get two Table Seat tickets for the upcoming DreamHack [...]

16 players ready to fight

With only two weeks to DreamHack Winter 2011 and DreamHack Zotac Championship & DreamHack Plantronics Championship we are very happy to welcome 16 of the very best Quake players in the world to Jönköping, Sweden to fight in the duel tournament. The TDM application process closes mid next week, be sure to apply today if [...]

DreamHack StarCraft II BYOC

DreamHack StarCraft II BYOC Today DreamHack can open up the sign ups for the StarCraft II BYOC tournaments sponsored by SAPPHIRE, AMD, Eizo and Steelseries. Come to Dreamhack and compete in our StarCraft II BYOCs and win great prizes from our sponsors SAPPHIRE, AMD, Eizo and Steelseries. Besides the main tournament DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship [...]

Hardstyle with Ezitsuj & Holger

DJ Ezitsuj and Holger are back at DreamHack Winter 2011 after a fantastic set at last DHS. The guys will be taking the main stage in HallD 22.00 the last night, prepare yourself for some HARDSTYLE PARTY! Check out and while you wait for DreamHacks last night to start…

Food at DHW11

There is a wide range of food available around the clock at DreamHack WInter 2011. Here is an exemple of what you can order. Many of the restaurants and kiosks are open around the clock. DreamHack Kiosk – Open 24/7 Soft drinks Water Billys – HallD – Open 24/7 Billys Pizza Food court in Hall [...]

Posten at DHW

At the Posten stand at Dreamhack Winter 2011 you will be able to send a physical postcard through Postens service “Riktiga Vykort” simulating that you are actually in the midst of the vibrant city of Tokyo. Or why not hang out in our lounge and try out the new PES 2012 game and participate in [...]

Basics of creative productions

In recent years, DreamHack Creative slowly but steadily established itself as a recognized venue for digital art. DreamHack Creative includes competitions such as “Freestyle photo”, “Wild” and such. Now, at DreamHack Winter 2011, Creative is giving a lecture in how you can discover and utilize your creative skills to challenge and show the results for [...]

Bloodline Champions tournament

Bloodline Champions made their DreamHack Tournament debut at DHS11 and we are happy to once again welcome Stunlock Studios to DreamHack with a a great tournament featuring 10,000 USD prize pool. 12 great teams have been invited and 4 teams can get in to the main tournament by attending the BYOC Qualifier at location, sign [...]

Dota2 Invites

Today we are very excited to announce the four invites to DreamHack Corsair Vengeance Dota 2 Championship at DreamHack Winter 2011. The interest from the community is unprecedented and we are sure that the tournament will be one of the absolute highlights of the festival. Full information on the tournament is available here! Invited teams: [...]

Sennheiser Facebook competition

Win the new Sennheiser PC 320 for gaming or the new Sennheiser X-320 for X-box Take part in the competition of 5 pieces of PC 320 and 5 pieces of X-320. The only thing you have to do is like Sennheiser Nordic Sweden on Facebook and write your name, followed by Dreamhack Winter 2011 on [...]

DreamHack, behind the scenes!

DreamHack is made possible by 500 volunteers who together plan, build, run and teardown the event in a total period of three months. The start of building is approximately five days before the event is opened for visitors. In this lecture you will get to know the DreamHack Crew and learn how we build the [...]

SpelPunkten, innovative thinking

The society SpelPunkten is back at Dreamhack to speak for the second time! This time they will first make a short presentation of their society and all the things that they are alone in Sweden such as their LAN-hall sponsored by their municipality and that the newspaper write about their tournaments under the sport pages. [...]

Tävla och vinn med Alienware

Vilket blir årets hetaste spel på DreamHack? Svara och vinn en unik VIP-upplevelse! – DreamHack Winter 2011 närmar sig med stormsteg och spelare från hela världen har börjat ladda med träning och nya spel inför eventet i Jönköping. Men vilket blir det hetaste spelet på DreamHack, vilket spel får mest hype och kommer spelas av [...]

Combitech’s Programming Contest

Combitech’s Programming Contest 2011, organized jointly with the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University (DSV), has a total of 50 000 SEK in prize money. Use C++ or Java. The winning solution is assessed based on accuracy, completeness, code structure and effectiveness. Are you ready for the challenge? Learn more at


Till BRIS kan alla under 18 år ringa eller skriva till en vuxen som lyssnar. Det är gratis och du är anonym. Du behöver alltså inte tala om vem du är och du bestämmer själv vad du vill prata om. Det syns heller inte på telefonräkningen att du kontaktat oss. Om du vill skriva till [...]

CS BYOC Qualifier

The DreamHack MSI Beat IT tournament in Counter-Strike 1.6 have gathered 13 of the very beat teams in the world and now there are only three spots left to the main tournament. At location all the participants in the BYOC will fight for two spots, the sign ups is opened, gather your team mates and [...]

The DreamHack Train

The DreamHack Train from Stockholm to Jönköping is ready to take you and all other esport and LAN-fans to the main event this year, DreamHack Winter 2011. The trains leaves early 24 November and a transfer bus will drive you straight to the doors of the event! At the train there are plenty of room [...]

Live from Gamex

DreamHack is broadcasting live from the second stop of Esport SM at Gamex 2011 in Kista, Sweden. Watch the livestreams from the event here! Stream #1 (SM-studion + StarCraft II med Maven & Endarspire) Stream #2 (CS 1.6 med zet, greykarn & GeT_RIGHT)

DreamHack Corsair Vengeance Dota 2 Championship

Participate in Dota 2 tournament at DreamHack Winter 2011 Play in DreamHack Corsair Vengeance Dota 2 Championship – get free Dota 2 key and take a chance at the 100 000 SEK prize purse. Today DreamHack presents official Dota 2 tournament with Corsair and Valve at DreamHack Winter 2011 November 24-27. Everyone can participate – [...]

More SC2 players

With about one month to DreamHack Winter 2011 it’s time to present the second wave of selected players to DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship. During this week two of four online qualifiers have been played and we have four qualified players to the StarCraft II main tournament DreamHack Winter 2011 is the final event of the [...]

DreamHack at Gamex

Together with Telia and The Swedish Championship in Esport ( DreamHack will once again be at the Gamex fair in Kista, Stockholm. E-sport SM will arrange an official stop in the SM-tour in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, FIFA12, Counter-Strike 1.6, Heroes Of Newerth and StarCraft II and you also have the chance to [...]

DHM for FREE at Gamex

DHM is DreamHacks official magazine given out for to all visitors at DreamHack-events but also via our partners, schools and gaming centers in our network. The magazine is free, printed in 15 000 copies and given out 4-5 times per year. All content is related to DreamHack in a way or another – Gaming, Network, [...]

SIgn up for HoN BYOC

It´s less then a month to DreamHack Winter 2011 and now its time to sign up for the last qualifier for Dreamhack MSI Beat it tournament in Heroes Of Newerth. The qualifier is arranged on BYOC and is open for all attendees who brings their own computer to the event. The two best teams will [...]

Division of Medical Diagnostics

The Division of Medical Diagnostics works with patients and advanced technological equipment. Our staff of more than 650 professionals work daily to help diagnose illness. We do this through radiological investigations, laboratory tests, and a multitude of other specific examinations of human body function. We do detective work, finding the clues to help understand patients´ [...]

More LAN seats added!

DreamHack Winter 2011 is basically sold out with only a couple of hundred of random LAN seats left in the main halls. Now we have gotten the go ahead to build more LAN seats and go where NO ONE have gone before! The absolute LAST seats will open in “Nedre mässgatan” below the escalators and [...]

Swebus to DreamHack Winter

Swebus investing in a record number of direct coaches to Dreamhack Winter 201, 24-27 November in Jönköping. Swebus drives all the way to and from the entrance at Elmia. This year Swebus arrange travel from cities such as Karlstad, Uppsala and Copenhagen, as well as special tours to the big e-sports show in DreamArena AMD [...]

Quake Live update

Twitch.TV supports Quake live at DreamHack Winter 2011 Twitch.TV join ZOTAC and Plantronics to support Quake Live at DreamHack Winter 2011. Dreamhack cancel Showmatch in Duel and replace it with a real 16-player duel tournament. DreamHack is about listening to the community and after our announcement yesterday with a SEK 60 000 TDM-tournament and a [...]

DreamHack ZOTAC Championship

Quake Live action at DreamHack Winter 2011 DreamHack can together with the two sponsors ZOTAC and Plantronics finally present all the details of our Quake Live TDM tournament: DreamHack ZOTAC Championship. Last Summer DreamHack proudly hosted the first Quake Live TDM tournament in a very long time. With the great success and high quality of [...]

Online qualifiers StarCraft II

Today DreamHack can open up the online qualifiers for DreamHack Winter 2011 StarCraft II Main Tournament. Last week the application process ended and we can therefore present the first selected and confirmed players for the 400 000 SEK tournament this winter. Online qualifiers: If you want to attend DreamHack Winter 2011 StarCraft II Main Tournament [...]

Electro chip-pop live

The electro chip-pop-revolutionary Zalza strikes back with some electronic bleeps and bloops for your ears. You’ll be attacked with edgy tracks with 8-bit sounds from the past to the future. Zalza is known for releasing music for well known scene groups like Titan, Razor 1911, Tequila and Rebels. He is also recognized from his widely [...]


The DreamHack MSI BEAT IT 2011 Counter Strike 1.6 tournament will have one representative from South East Asia at the Grand Finals this year. Teams from a total of 5 countries in this region will battle for a spot in the prestigious tournament at DreamHack Winter 2011. Participants from the following countries are allowed in [...]


DreamHack Presents: eSports 4.0 – DreamArena AMD SAPPHIRE Today DreamHack, Sapphire, AMD and Telia takes the next leap forward, presenting the next generation of esports entertainment. At DreamHack Winter 2011 we’ll enter Kinnarps Arena, one of Sweden’s largest ice hockey arenas, where over 4.000 eSports fans can watch the best live esports entertainment in the [...]

fnatic qualify for DHW11

The first European Qualifier for DreamHack Winter and the MSI BEAT IT Counter Strike tournament was played this weekend and we are excited to once again welcome fnatic to our Counter-Strike tournament. Next up is the Beat IT SEA Qualifier 15-16 October. The sign ups for the 2 BYOC spots arranged on location at DreamHack [...]

Energizer SSFIVAE Tournament

Fighting tournaments at DreamHack is one of the highlight for many players and this winter we are proud to arrange the DreamHack Energizer Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition tournament. A total of 50 000 SEK will be rewarded to the best 4 players. The best matches will be live streamed and grand finals will [...]

Welcome to Sweden Team EG

Team Evil Geniuses have secured a spot at the DreamHack MSI Beat IT tournament in Counter-Strike 1.6 after winning the Beat IT USA Qualifier. EG joins the DreamHack Summer 2011 Champions SK-Gaming and the South Europe Champions k1ck in the fight for the champion title at DreamHack Winter 2011. This weekend the Qualifiers continue with [...]

Dead by April

Dead by April DreamHack have signed Dead by April to perform at DreamHack Winter 2011 Friday 25th of november 21.00 CET. – Finally! We’re very excited to have Dead by April on the Main stage. It will hopefully create the same atmosphere that we had in the past when other great metal bands have been [...]

StarCraft II Sign-up

Today we present the details of the 4th and final tournament in the DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship, hosted at DreamHack Winter 2011 in Jönköping, Sweden. The tournament features a 400 000 SEK prize purse and will be the final of all things StarCraft from DreamHack this year, we promise you all an final that you [...]

The DreamHack Train

The DreamHack Train from Stockholm to Jönköping is ready to take you and all other esport and LAN-fans to the main event this year, DreamHack Winter 2011. The trains leaves early 24 November and a transfer bus will drive you straight to the doors of the event! At the train there are plenty of room [...]

Rymdreglage on main stage

It all began in 1996 when two hairy little trolls, Daniel and Tomas, tried in vain to assert themselves in the social game extravaganza known as high school. Tomas didn’t own a computer and was therefore – according to contemporary standards – nothing, an unreliable rascal lacking wit and wisdom. This fact was of course [...]

First teams & players qualified

The first online qualifier for the first stop of Esport SM 2011/2012 at Stockholm Esport Arena at Odenplan in Stockholm is done and we have half of the players and teams that will fight for spots for the championships at DreamHack Summer 2012. The second qualifier will be held October 2 so be sure to [...]

MSI BEAT IT CS 1.6 Qualifiers Start

Counter Strike 1.6 qualifiers for DH MSI BEAT IT 2011 tournament are about to begin. Due to technical issues, the first European qualifier that was supposed to be played this weekend will be postponed, more information on that matter will follow soon. The first DH MSI BEAT IT qualifiers will be host 32 teams from [...]

Esport SM opens registration

The first stop for the Swedish National Championship In Esport will kick start at Stockholm Esport Arena 8-9 October and will feature 5 great games. Now the registration has opened and for Counter-Strike, HoN and StarCraft II online qualifiers will determinate the teams and players for the first LAN finals. Games in Esport SM: Counter-Strike [...]

MSI Beat IT HoN Qualifiers

All five qualifiers have now come to an end and it’s been a huge success for all those involved. Throughout the last five weeks, MSI, along with S2 Games, have been holding weekly qualifier’s for the MSI DH BEAT IT tournament at DreamHack Winter 2011. All five qualifiers were a huge success, and the people [...]

Quake Live Team Deathmatch

We at DreamHack love Quake and at DreamHack Winter 2011 we will once again arrange a tournament in Quake Live Team Deathmatch. All details will be released soon, check out this amazing video with some nice highlights from the tournament at DHS11 while you wait.

DongRaeGu wins in Valencia

DreamHack Valencia Invitational took place last Saturday in the Veles e Vents building located in the Valencia Street Formula1 Circuit and the 33rd America’s Cup harbour. Eight world class StarCraft II were invited in this 100 000 SEK winner takes it all super tournament. It all came down to the final map between coL.MVP DongRaeGu [...]


The DreamHack Valencia Invitational is going live 14.45 today Saturday 17 September. Tune in to the live action on and watch 8 superstar players fight for the 100 000 SEK and the glory of being the very first DreamHack Valencia Invitational champion! Live stream: Photos: Twitter: Be sure to use the [...]

Starcraft according to Valencia

How will the locals in Valencia treat our upcoming Invitational event in Spain? Our local partner Canales have asked them people in the in street.

Valencia match-ups

DreamHack Regionals Finals for South Europe and Valencia Invitational in StarCraft II to be played the 16th-17th of September. Official match-ups and match times released today together with the official host-duo Hailey Bright and James Harding. This Friday, 16th of September, DreamHack South Europe starts at Veles e Vents in Valencia, Spain. It kick-offs with [...]

Lineup for Valencia

The star players for DreamHack Valencia Invitational have now been set after the Spanish star LucifroN defeated his brother Vortix this evening. The last two players presented are no other than the Korean stars HerO and Rain who will fight for the 100 000 SEK on the 17th of September. Around the corner is DreamHack’s [...]

DreamHack Balkan

DreamHack is coming to South East Europe! We are very proud to announce that the world’s largest digital festival will have an event in Romania – DreamHack Balkan – which will will cover the countries in the Balkan region of Europe: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Serbia. The event will be organized by PGL (Professional [...]

Svenska mästerskapen i Esport

2011-09-01, Stockholm. Inferno Online och DreamHack lanserar Svenskt mästerskap i 5 esporttitlar med 8 SM-tävlingar och en SM-final i juni 2012. Inferno Online och DreamHack kommer tillsammans arrangera Svenska Mästerskapen i Esport under 2011/2012. Åtta officiella SM-tävlingar kommer att hållas i hela landet och SM-finalen kommer spelas på DreamHack Summer 2012. Telia fördjupar sin satsning [...]

Two players and two casters

On the 17th of September DreamHack once again stands as host for a StarCraft II Invitational. This time in the beautiful Veles e Vents building located in the Valencia Street Formula1 Circuit and the 33rd America’s Cup harbour. Two more players can today be presented and also the two casters of the event that will [...]

DreamHack live on

The fall season of DreamHack Sapphire AMD Championship will kick off in Valencia, Spain with an invitational tournament. DreamHack will invite eight world class StarCraft II-players who will fight in a one-day tournament in the beautiful Veles e Vents building located in the Valencia Street Formula1 Circuit and the 33rd America’s Cup harbour. Just like [...]

Invasion Valencia

Book your ticket at now!

China and USA to Spain

The DreamHack Sapphire AMD Championship: Valencia Invitational is getting closer by the minute and we can now present another two strong players that are invited to the beautiful Veles e Vents building located in the Valencia Street Formula1 Circuit and the 33rd America’s Cup harbour. We have already presented the DreamHack Summer 2011 champion HuK [...]

Just beat it, beat it

Promotion trailer of the two official CS 1.6 and HoN tournament at DreamHack Winter 2011.


DreamHack & MSI BEAT IT join forces to host Counter-Strike 1.6 and Heroes of Newerth at DreamHack Winter 2011. MSI Beat IT will arrange online qualifiers and DreamHack will host international qualifiers and the Grand Finals with a total prize purse of 400 000 SEK and additional 200 000 SEK in product prizes. After the [...]

Swedish Fan Special

Earlier in July we announced a special for all Swedish StarCraft II fans. The first 3 booking flights to Spain to attend Valencia Invitational would receive special treatment and free tickets to the event – today we’re proud to announce the three winners. It’s three happy fans that also attended the Stockholm Invitational the 14th [...]

NaNiwa, HuK ready for Valencia

Two of world’s best players invited to DreamHack Valencia Invitational 17th of September. MLG Dallas-champion Naniwa and DreamHack-champion HuK will attend the event and compete for the SEK 100 000 prize purse. Also, venue tickets, released today. Stockholm Invitational was a huge success for eSports in Sweden. Event got best possible community feedback, mainstream media [...]

Ticket release

Idag 20.00 den 1:a augusti 2011 släpper DreamHack biljetterna till DreamHack Winter 2011 den 24-27:e november på Elmia i Jönköping. DreamHacks största evenemang för året är som vanligt DreamHack Winter – världens största datorfestival enligt Guinness World Records. Planeringen är redan igång och vi kan med all säkerhet utlova årets mäktigaste festivalupplevelse under vår något [...]

DreamHack Winter 2011

DreamHack Winter 2011 november 24-27. Today it’s 13 days left to DreamHack ticket release when we release the tickets to DreamHack Winter 2011. The Winter event is being held from Thursday 24th of november to Sunday 27th of november. You can follow the countdown at the Splash-page of DreamHack Winter 2011 den 24:e till [...]

Hello world!

Hello all DreamHackers! This is the new design for and we hope you find it better and more easy to navigate then before. Here at DreamHack you will find all the information for the LAREGEST digital festival in teh world, DreamHack Winter 2011. STAY COOL, STAY FRESH, STAY UNIQUE!

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