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50 000 SEK League of Legends BYOC Championship

DreamHack is happy to announce that we will host a League of Legends BYOC (Bring your own computer) tournament with 50 000 SEK in the prize pool. Summoners gather your friends and travel to DreamHack and test your skills at the World’s Largest Digital Festival.

League of Legends is a given at all DreamHack Festivals. At DreamHack Winter 2015 we are happy to host a large BYOC tournament for all LAN visitors to compete for a total prize pool of 50 000 SEK (more prizes will be added). Make sure to form your team today and get your LAN-tickets for this Winter editions of the World’s Largest Digital Festival. This will be the perfect tournament to prove yourselves as a team that you have what it take to become champions or if you want to test your waters against others or just play together with your friends at DreamHack Winter 2015.


Tournament name: DreamHack League of Legends BYOC Championship
Event: DreamHack Winter 2015
Dates: 26-28th November 2015
Venue: Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden
Game: League of Legends
Server: EU West
Prize Pool: 50 000 SEK
Prize Money Policy: www.dreamhack.se
Buy your Table seat: bokning.dreamhack.se

Prize Purse

Total amount: 50 000 SEK

1. 25 000 SEK
2. 12 500 SEK
3-4. 6 250 SEK
3-4. 6 250 SEK


Information about the sign-up will be released soon. Make sure to have your team ready and that you have purchased and selected your LAN Seats (bokning.dreamhack.se).

The server that will be used is EU West for this competition.


Exact Schedule will be released together with the sign-ups. The competition will start in the afternoon after Festival has official started (16:00 CET) and will continue throughout the event. Remember that you will have to confirm your participation on site to the Game Info at least 1 hour before the tournament begins.


Tickets: bokning.dreamhack.se
Prize Money Policy: www.dreamhack.se
Event rules: www.dreamhack.se
Contact: esport@dreamhack.se
Phone: +46 76 800 13 36 (Office hours)

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