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Monkey Freedom Fighters ends up being eliminated by Team Empire despite turning the first game around

Recently disbanded Monkey Freedom Fighters, despite playing with a mixed team, manages to turn around the first game into a 1 – 0 lead. However, Empire pulls themselves together and steadily wins two games in a row, kicking MFF out of Dreamleague.

In the first match in the loser’s bracket play offs, Team Empire faces MFF in a [BO3] elimination match. The winner will battle Vega for a place in the final brackets semi finals. Initially, Empire should be favourites, especially since MFF decided to disband after failing to qualify for the recently finished Frankfurt Major. However, we should note that also Empire has a standin, Funn1k.

Team Empire (Dire) starts off really strong in all their lanes, Silent playing Juggernaut got first blood by killing SingSing’s Mirana in the top lane. Shortly after, Lina played by Yapzor, pulls off a nice mid-rotation which leads to Resolut1on (Invoker) going down to Ar1se’s Shadow Fiend. Lina continues her roaming and tries to find Funn1k’s Dark Seer in the bot lane, but to no avail. MFF’s stand in Demon, playing Brewmaster, had a really hard time against Dark Seer, but managed to stay alive (mostly). At this point MFF starts rotating their players to find opportunities. Mirana gets placed mid for a while, and a good 3-player rotation to the bot rune picks off Funn1k. Demon on his Brewmaster got the kill, which was important after the heavy laning phase.

Empire joins the teamfighting and rotation trend and finding picks and destroying towers all over the map, still un-doubtedly in the lead. Meanwhile, Ar1se (Shadow Fiend) farms for a very needed Black King Bar and Boots Of Travel. After some trades, Empire kills both Kebap (Bane) and Yapzor (Lina), which enables them to destroy the tier 2 mid tower. With everyone alive again, MFF uses a Smoke Of Deceit to go for the first Roshan of the game. They get noticed however, and makes a really brave uphill engage on Empire, and amazingly managing to win the fight 4 to zero. This was a huge boost for MFF in money and experience. When alive, Resolut1on (Invoker) tries to jump Ar1se (Shadow Fiend) but fails miserably and dies. Shortly after the fall of Invoker, MFF finds and kills Funn1k, and the crowd is starting to feel the turn around. Empire does a 4-player Smoke and actually gets Roshan at the cost of their tier 2 top tower. Silent (Juggernaut) takes the Aegis. Empire do not use their successfull Roshan for anything though, and MFF finds picks all over the map. Empire goes for a push in the top lane, but loses a fight 1 – 3, Silent’s aegis goes down and after resurrection he dies IMMEDIATLY after a perfectly time ulti by Ar1se. This gives MFF their first gold-lead of the game.

After a few pick offs from MFF, they go for Roshan but backs out, Roshan half dead. Empire desperately goes in for the kill and Aegis, but a quick answer from MFF kills off Funn1k and Silent and the Aegis goes to Ar1se. Things are looking really dark for Empire at this point. After some trades Empire surprises with a 4 – 0 fight! We see some very good items on Resolut1on that could be really dangerous. But MFF pushes hard for top tower and after a huge fight they come out winning 4 – 1 with diebacks from Empire, they get top racks and go for mid racks. Empire calls GG and the first game is over.


For game 3, Team Empire picks up the classic Tiny-Io combo. MFF tries to counter it with Razor and an interesting Venomancer. Empire looks like thet have stronger late game.

Ar1se on Razor and Kebap on Winter Wyvern gives a Resolut1on’s Tiny and Alohadance’s Io a hard time midlane, seems to have been a wise pick from MFF. Silent’s Gyrocopter is doing good against Demon’s Dark Seer botlane. SingSing goes safelane with Venomancer and gets a nice first blood on Funn1k’s Earthshaker after a set up by Yapzor’s Lina. No obvious advantage after 7 minutes into the third and deciding game. Some pick offs on both teams leads into a 3 – 1 fight for Team Empire, who starts looking strong, it seems that MFF are aware that they are playing against a timer. They won’t be able to handle Resolut1on (Tiny) and Silent (Gyrocopter) if the game goes on for long.

Demon picks up Mekansm for his Dark Seer which could be really important for teamfights. MFF pushes desperately with SingSing’s Venomancer. But Funn1ks (Earthshaker) plays brilliantly and survives a gank, which ultimately leads to a 3 – 0 fight for Empire when Io-Tiny TPs in. SingSing’s pushes for one second too long and gets picked off together with Yapz (Lina). Tiny and Gyrocopter tops the net worth and things are getting out of hand for MFF. With everybody alive again MFF awkwardly engages in a fight, SingSing fires of a good ulti which gives them a 2 – 0 fight. No one seems very interested in Roshan, MFF doesn’t have a very fast team for beating Roshan, and Empire simply doesn’t need it very much. MFF tries a desperate Smoke Of Deceit that Empire read well and nothing happens. Empire pushes top and gets the tier 2 tower. A long fight there ends 4 – 1 for Empire, despite a really good ulti from Kebap’s Winter Wyvern. At this point Tiny is pretty much unstoppable for MFF, who continues to try smoke-ganks, but to no avail. Empire finally goes for Roshan, a chaotic fight breaks loose with buybacks from both teams, Empire walking out of it winning, but losing the Aegis during the fight.

MFF does a good job keeping this game alive, but Tiny does exactly what he wants to at this point, and after smashing bot- and midracks, winning a fight 4 to 1 with diebacks, MFF calls GG and are eliminated from Dreamleauge! This means Team Empire moves on the next round in the loser’s bracket, where they will fight Vega Squadron for a place in the final bracket semi finals.

A pretty strange match, Team Empire throwing the first game to win the following two matches without much doubt. The match against Vega Squadron will surely be exciting!

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