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Solar first Winner’s Bracket Finalist in Legacy of the Void

The clashing Koreans end with the hyper-aggression of the undefeated Zerg player Solar paying off against PartinG, dropping only 1 game as he won 3-1 against the Yoe Flash Wolves Protoss player after an action-filled series.

In the DreamHack ROCCAT Legacy of the Void Championship, more than half of the series of the playoffs have been 3-0 wipeouts, and PartinG and Solar looked to continue the trend of finishing the series early. This was most certainly the case during the first game on Lerilak Crest, with both players spawning on the western side of the map. While both players took their expansions before building any other buildings, Solar decided to spawn a quite early Evolution Chamber, as well as proceed with a Zergling drop into PartinG’s main at the same time as he did a run-by at the natural expansion, resulting in the death of 6 Probes for the cost of a mere 10 Zerglings.

As PartinG started preparing for the production of Disruptors, Solar attempted another Zergling drop, which was denied this time. However, he had begun the production of Mutalisks, which remained un-scouted until their first appearance on the battlefield, where they almost took out PartinG’s Warp prism. PartinG deflected the ensuing attack with the help of Force-Fields, but the Mutas started harassing his natural, taking out the gas and disrupting mining. After catching the Stalkers out of position, Solar closed in for the kill, forcing PartinG to GG out after realizing that his army could not withstand the assault.

Game 2 was played on Dusk Towers, and this game proved to be the longest game in the series. The players spawned in on the opposite sides of the map, and both once again took their natural expansions first. An early Stargate from PartinG produced an Oracle which did some minor damage to Solar’s Zergling forces, but nothing else. After Solar scouted that no Disruptors were present, he started morphing Hydralisks and evolving them into Lurkers, beginning an assault on the Protoss expansion after catching some Stalkers off-guard. However, Phoenixes were able to assist with the task of neutralizing the Lurkers, and PartinG won the ensuing battle despite the presence of both Ravagers and Lurkers.
One of the main contributors to PartinG’s victory was his disruptors, who inflicted an amazing amount of damage to Solar’s army.

PartinG decided to seize the moment and go on the offensive, sending a Zealot drop in the main to divert Solar’s attention as he harassed the mineral line of another, more active, Hatchery. The following fight saw some decent damage coming out from the Disruptors on the Lurkers, and PartinG also managed to kill a significant amount of Roaches and Ravagers before he took his fourth expansion. As Weapon’s were upgraded to level 2 for PartinG, he once again went on the offensive near Solar’s fourth Hatchery, killing a massive amount of Lurkers as his Stalkers took care of the Roaches. Relentless, PartinG continued the push, eventually causing Solar to call the GG, which equalized the series and also meant Solar’s first map loss of the tournament. On Prion Terraces, game 3 started out roughly similar to the previous two, with both players expanding early. However, Solar took both of the golden expansions really early, a greedy play which PartinG did not scout until the first expansion was largely complete. As a result, Solar was able to gain a significance boost to his economy. PartinG, determined to punish this, moved out with two of his Adepts, his Mothership Core, as well as a Probe and build two Pylons at the Golden Expansion closest to Solar’s base. The ensuing scuffle saw Solar losing many of his Zerglings, but eventually managing to obliterate the Protoss army, including two overcharged Pylons.

Spurred on by his significant lead in Economy, Solar went into Roaches, deflecting a Disruptor drop before moving out to mount an assault onto PartinG’s own golden expansion. While he did manage to force the cancellation of the Nexus warping in, this came at quite the price as a large chunk of his army fell prey to Disruptors. However, behind all this, Solar had once again finished the construction of an un-scouted Spire, and as the Mutalisks swooped in, Parting did not have enough Stalkers to handle them, causing him to call the GG, putting Solar in a position where he only needed to win one more game to head into the Winner’s Final.
Solar 2
Solar’s somewhat greedy strategies as well as his early aggressions seemed to almost always turn out in his favor.

In the fourth game, which was played on Ulrena, both of the players spawned in on the West side of the map, Solar being on the top. Having the assured safety that even if he lost this game, he had one more game to win the series, Solar decided to go for an early Spawning Pool. However, he sold this brilliantly by sending out a Drone at the time where he normally would take his natural expansion, making PartinG not scout his main. More importantly, he managed to kill off the scouting Probe, leaving the Protoss player oblivious to the oncoming onslaught. Meanwhile, PartinG had opened the same way he did the previous three games, by warping in a Nexus at his natural expansion first. Therefore, he only had one Gateway under construction as the Zerglings reached his base. While PartinG did his best to Chrono Boost out Zealots, the Zerg aggression claimed the lives of many of his probes, before moving on to destroy his natural expansion, crippling the Protoss economy. In a last-ditch attempt to stave off the Zerglings, PartinG blocked off access to his main with Zealots, but despite their best efforts, he was eventually forced to pull them back, and as the Zerglings swarmed into the base and decimating the Probes, PartinG conceded the series, ending it at 3-1 in favor of the Zerg player. On the back of this victory, Solar ensures his place in the top 3 of the tournament, and moves on to face Firecake in a Winner’s Final ZvZ tomorrow. There, we will see if his non-stop aggression will once again see him come through. PartinG drops down to the Lower Bracket, and is forced to face TY in a PvZ Best-of-Five. Both players played their hearts out for this spectacular series, really showcasing what potential Legacy of the Void has to revitalize the competitive scene!

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