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TF2 Exhibition Tournament

Since its conception in 2007, Team Fortress 2 is one of the biggest team-based FPS games in the world. Now with official matchmaking announced, it’s just going to grow bigger. Many people have played TF2 at some point in their life, or have heard about the game numerous times throughout the internet. Competitive TF2 is one of these big things already being played and talked about – a side of TF2 we’re proud to show you this year at the Esport United booth!

In 2013 TF2 was rep​resented by the Swedish gamers from Saints who played in the Exhibition area challenging visitors to MGE matches for prizes. We’ve attempted to up the ante slightly from last year, and are going to be running a four-team exhibition tournament, where you can see some of the finest teams battle it out.

The following teams will be participating in the exhibition tournament battling for $4 000:

• Reason Gaming
• swedeRage
• Saints

The event will kick off on Friday, November 27th at 15:00CET, in the Esport United booth in the exhibition area.

We are opposite the Faceit booth and next to Gigabyte, so come and find us! The tournament will be running until late Saturday, so come and see us to witness some high-skill TF2 competitive action and meet the best in the game!

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