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fnatic wins faceit at dreamhack winter

Swedish team fnatic have been crowned winners of the FACEIT CS:GO League Season Finale at DreamHack Open Winter, defeating Luminosity Gaming to win $100,000.

The Swedish squad managed to come out on top after the scuffle with their first opponent during the group stages Luminosity Gaming only after all three maps had been played, coming back from a 1-0 deficit to take the series and the title of champion.

In the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive FACEIT stage 3 finals, the final two teams were two teams which had squared off at the very beginning of the tournament. In that match, Fnatic defeated Luminosity with 16-0. However, after that, Luminosity began to mount an incredible comeback, beating first EnVyUs, then NiP, and finally TSM to make their way to the rematch. This was, by far, the biggest story of the tournament, especially since the team had recently added two new players in TACO and fnx. It did indeed begin to seem as if they were going to go all the way after the first map.

The first map, which was Train, started out heavily in favor of Luminosity, going up to 5-0 before Fnatic could take their first round win. However, Fnatic made a steady recovery, and closed out the first half, where they were playing as the Counter-Terrorists, with 7-8, reducing Luminosity’s lead to a mere round. However, on the second half, Fnatic lost the ensuing pistol round and Luminosity once again strung together a quick set of wins, with TACO killing three of Fnatic’s players with his Famas as they tried to move past a smoke near B on the 19th round. In the end, the Brazilian team kept their lead strong, finishing off the first map with a score of 16-9, despite the map being picked by Fnatic.

Cobblestone, the second map, was largely the opposite side of the coin. Although Luminosity managed to take the first round, Fnatic’s force-buy during the following round quickly ended that streak, and the teams largely traded rounds up until the seventh round, where Fnatic started a small streak of rounds. However, during the 11th round, after Fnatic had killed off everyone but Fer from Luminosity, but as they tried to go in on A Long and finish him off after the bomb exploded, he used an AWP with extreme efficiency to completely eliminate Fnatic, including getting a wicked noscope. Fnatic proceeded to pick up the following two rounds. Then, on the fourteenth round, TACO’s aggression at B Plateau allowed him to kill four of Fnatic’s players, putting the halftime score at 9-6 in Fnatic’s favor. During the ensuing pistol round, Fnatic won their first pistol of the series, putting them in a very strong position to take the second map. However, the team continued to trade blows after the first four rounds going to Fnatic, but unfortunately for Luminosity, it was too late, and the match eventually ended 16-11 with Fnatic as the victor.

The third map was randomized as Inferno, a map which is seen as CT-sided, but in a surprising twist, Fnatic opted to start on the T-side after winning the knife round. Whilst this seemed to back-fire on them after losing the first three rounds, Fnatic showed exactly what they were made off, taking nine rounds in a row with solid performances by the team, and especially from Olofmeister. Luminosity managed to salvage the final three rounds, though, and the half ended with Fnatic leading nine rounds to six. During the second pistol round, Fnatic completely decimated Luminosity, and although they do managed to get the bomb planted, they had no way of defending it with only two players left alive against the entire team of Fnatic. After this victory, the Swedish team kept claiming rounds, despite Luminosity’s force-buys.

After being forced to save their weapons for the first time, Fnatic were surprised by Luminosity’s push at banana during the 22nd round and quickly lost a few players as Luminosity set up shop at the bomb site. However, thanks to some awesome quickscopes by Olofmeister, Fnatic re-establish control and take the round, putting Fnatic up at match and map point. The following round, Luminosity force-bought, and the round got off to a positive start for the Brazilians, as fer got the first kill in the apartments. However, as they rotated on to B, Flusha stayed hidden behind the crates on the site, taking down three players before being taken down by coldzera. The round ended up in a 1v1 between olofmeister and coldzera, a fight which olof came out on top of, taking the round as well as the series for his team, winning them $100,000.

final standings

1. fnatic – $100,000
2. Luminosity Gaming – $50,000
3-4. Team SoloMid – $25,000
3-4. Virtus.pro – $25,000
5-6. Ninjas in Pyjamas – $15,000
5-6. Team Liquid – $15,000
7-8. EnVyUs – $10,000
7-8. Legacy eSports – $10,000

This concludes the very last DreamHack Open stop of the year, as well as the FACEIT CS:GO League. We want to thank all teams and players taking part in the 7 events across Europe, handing out $795,000 in prize money across CS:GO and StarCraft II.

Stay tuned as we will soon be bringing you news regarding the future of DreamHack Open, but already now mark your calendars, as it will debut at DreamHack Leipzig, 22-24 of January 2016.

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