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$50,000 Overwatch® Championship at DreamHack Winter 2016 Announced!

DreamHack is pleased to announce the Overwatch® Championship at DreamHack Winter 2016. With eight teams competing live onsite, the Overwatch Championship will be featured as one of the main tournaments at the event. DreamHack Winter is held from 24th-27th November, and the tournament will take place onstage in Hall D on 25th and 26th November.

In traditional DreamHack fashion, the Overwatch Championship will be open to all who wish to participate; teams will have the opportunity to qualify for and win paid trips to the event through online qualifiers in Europe and North Americas, as well as to secure their slot onsite through a huge BYOC qualifier. The online qualification stage for Europe will take place on 9th-10th October, followed shortly thereafter by the North American online qualification stage on 11th-12th October. The BYOC qualification stage available to all LAN visitors to DreamHack Winter 2016 will take place on 24th November. Two slots will be awarded through each online regional qualifier, while the remaining four will be filled via the BYOC LAN qualifier for a total of eight teams to compete live in the main event.

The main event will be livestreamed in English by DreamHack, available for everyone to watch online at http://www.twitch.tv/dreamhackoverwatch. Be sure to save the dates, 25th and 26th November, and catch all the action online or attend live in beautiful Jönköping, Sweden.


Competition Format

Tournament Name: Overwatch Championship at DreamHack Winter 2016
Prize Pool: $50,000
Prize Pool Distribution:
1st – $30,000
2nd – $10,000
3rd/4th – $5,000

Teams: Eight (Two from EU online qualifiers, two from NA online qualifiers, four from BYOC qualifiers)
Qualification Method: Online and BYOC
Tournament Format: Group stage, into single-elimination playoffs
Group Format: Dual-tournament format groups
Match Format: All matches are best-of-three in the group stage and best-of-five in the playoffs
Full Ruleset: See full ruleset here


Qualify to participate in the Overwatch Championship at DreamHack Winter 2016!

European online qualifiers will be played on 9th-10th October, followed by North American online qualifiers on 11th-12th October. Sign up for your region’s online qualification stage today using the links below! The two teams advancing out of the online qualifiers from each region will receive travel and accommodation, fully covered by DreamHack, to attend DreamHack Winter 2016 and compete in the Overwatch Championship.

European Qualifier, 9th-10th October – SIGN UP HERE!
North American Qualifier, 11th-12th October – SIGN UP HERE!

The BYOC qualifier will be hosted live onsite at DreamHack Winter 2016, with the top four teams advancing to the main event. Full details for the BYOC qualifier will be announced soon, but attendees can expect the tournament to get underway on the morning of 24th November.

All qualifiers will be played double-elimination BO3, with the qualifying round BO5. The BYOC qualifier may be changed to single-elimination based on the number of participating teams.

For more news about DreamHack Winter, be sure to stay tuned to @DreamHack on Twitter and check out http://www.dreamhack.se for all updates. For updates about Overwatch, follow @PlayOverwatch on Twitter and check out http://www.playoverwatch.com.


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