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Overwatch Championship At DreamHack Winter Schedule and Streams!

The Overwatch Championship at DreamHack Winter is just a few days away! Get ready here with the full schedule a list of community streams to find a language that most suits your watching interests. Be sure to check out more details at overwatch.dreamhack.com.

Looking to see what else is at DreamHack Winter? See our full list of streamers, players, and personalities. Everybody is going, are you?


Group A
Fi Ninjas in Pyjamas
North_America CompLexity Gaming
Eu PENTA Sports
Se UnWanted

Group B
Worldflag Fnatic
Eu Misfits
Eu mousesports

Full Schedule

Friday, November 25th
12:00 – Group A: Fi NiP vs Se UnWanted: 2 – 0
13:30 – Group A: Eu PENTA vs North_America coL: 0 – 2
15:00 – Group A: Se UnWanted vs Eu Penta: 1 – 2
16:30 – Group A: Fi NiP vs North_America coL: 2 – 0
18:00 – Group B: Worldflag Fnatic vs Eu mousesports: 2 – 1
19:30 – Group B: Eu Misfits vs Eu LDLC:  2 – 0

Saturday, November 26th
11:00 – Group B: Eu LDLC vs Eu mousesports: 2 – 0
12:15 – Group B: Worldflag Fnatic vs Eu Misfits
13:30 – Group B Decider
15:00 – Group A Decider
16:30 – Semi Final #1
18:45 – Semi Final #2
21:00 – Grand Final

Community Streams

You can find all your English needs over at our official DHTV broadcast at DreamHack.tv/overwatch.

Russian hitbox.tv/overwatchruhub
Chinese huomaotv.com
German twitch.tv/taketv_overwatch
French twitch.tv/ogamingoverwatch
French twitch.tv/esl_alphacast
Korean twitch.tv/namedhwi
Portugese hitbox.tv/dreamhackowbra
Polish twitch.tv/esl_overwatch_pl
Italian twitch.tv/spaziogames

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