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Buy your LAN-shelf now and receive it at DreamHack!
Have you been around to a couple of LAN parties before? Then you probably now how your desk get smaller and smaller the more time you spend there. Well, now there’s a shelf that aims to help gamers have a better gaming environment and experience. Particularly at LAN parties like DreamHack.

The shelf is packaged with a reusable packaging and you assemble it real quick. Put it on your desk and your computer on top of it. Now you freed some precious desk space but can also show of your latest case mod. Awesome right?

There’s also an extra kit which makes it possible to put your drink of choice in holder (no more spilling over your keyboard) and put your headphones to rest. Yay!

It’s durable and recommended max-weight is 80kg. Be sure to get it here now!
More info on Dyllox website: http://dyllox.com



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