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Don’t miss out on the BYOC game section swag

DreamHack Winter is the ultimate social experience for gamers, gaming online is awesome but gaming IRL at the DreamHack LAN is even cooler. Visitors in the BYOC Game Specific Rows can expect raffles on Friday to win some game related swag, and the opportunity to meet some new friends who like the same game!

If you want to know more about the BYOC Game Specific Rows and the items you have the chance, head on over to the BYOC game section page.

Did you miss to book a seat in the game specific rows? Don’t despair – everyone with a BYOC Pass will¬†receive a¬†Halloween Overwatch goodie bag!

Swag Schedule

All items will be given away on Friday 25th November, make sure you’re in your seats at the correct time! All times shown are CET.

12:00: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Rows D20-D23) – Pins*
13:00: World of Warcraft (Rows D1-D3) – Everyone gets a Legion magnet!
14:00: Battlefield 1 (Rows D28-D30) – T-shirts and Mousepads*
15:00: Overwatch (Rows D60-D62) – Everyone gets a Mini Winston!
16:00: H1Z1 (Rows B11-B13) – T-shirts*

League of Legends (Rows B21-B23): Visitors sitting in this section can expect League of Legends related swag to be given away by Riot during the whole event, for example those awesome Arcade Corki and Pool Party Fiona skins.

*Only a limited amount. Prizes will be randomly distributed, lets hope is RNGesus is on your side!

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