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Overwatch Championship At DreamHack Winter Groups and Matchups!

After a long day of BYOC competition, we have fielded the other half of the teams for the Overwatch Championship at DreamHack Winter! We are now ready with the groups and matchups for tomorrow’s play. Tune in at 11:45 at twitch.tv/dreamhackoverwatch to catch the action bright and early!


Group A
Ninjas in Pyjamas
compLexity Gaming
PENTA Sports

Group B

Full Schedule

Friday, November 25th
12:00 – Group A, NiP vs UnWanted
13:30 – Group A, PENTA vs compLexity
15:00 – Group A, Loser’s Match
16:30 – Group A, Winner’s Match
18:00 – Group B, Fnatic vs mousesports
19:30 – Group B, Misfits vs LDLC
21:00 – Group B, Loser’s Match
22:30 – Group B, Winner’s Match

Saturday, November 26th
13:30 – Group A Decider
15:00 – Group B Decider
16:30 – Semi Final 1
18:45 – Semi Final 2
21:00 – Grand Final

As always, full details including other language streams and past news can be found on overwatch.dreamhack.com.

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