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Spel & Sånt attending DreamHack Winter 2016

We are happy to have our friends at Spel & Sånt from Norrtälje in Sweden back at DreamHack! Spel & Sånt is an online and IRL retro-game shop with a wide range of both consoles, games and merchandise. You will also be able to find them during DreamHack Winter 2016 to purchase your own retro gaming stations and merchandise! This year we are also proud to announce that Spel & Sånt will feature a preorder on their shop so you can book & pick up your favourite retro games at DreamHack Winter 2016!

Spel & Sånt is also the official partner of our Retro zone that you find in Hall C. We have a lot of cool games from back in the days, maybe it´s time to beat your parents in their games? There will also be tournaments at DreamHack FanZone with retro games and gigantic controllers and much more!

www: www.spelochsant.se
Facebook: /spelochsant
Instagram: @spelochsant
Youtube: /SpelochSant

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