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In the city of Jönköping, Sweden, the halls of the Elmia Exhibition and Convention Centre are empty, with whispers of trade fair events blowing in the wind. Every June and November however, something different happens. The halls are lined up with tables, exhibitors construct their booths, and stages are built to showcase the best esports players in the world competing for glory. When the doors open, thousands of people flow in, all for one event: DreamHack.

Team Fortress 2 is no stranger to DreamHack, with two events being hosted in the Swedish city: DreamHack Winter 2015 and DreamHack Summer 2016. Late November will see the return of TF2 at their upcoming event, DreamHack Winter 2016: Battle for the North. See the tournament play out in the Esport United booth next to CoolerMaster and Estrella in hall B. Follow the matches on the stream https://www.twitch.tv/teamfortresstv if you can’t stop by the booth.

Meet the Teams
As the name implies, the competition will see national teams from Scandinavia competing for guts and glory. The four teams are:

Team Sweden
Scout: sjoeberg
Scout: herr_p
Roamer: alle
Pocket: vani
Demoman: Smirre
Medic: ondkaja

Team Norway
Scout: Trimoo
Scout: FizzY
Roamer: piggy
Pocket: fishyard
Demoman: Traitor
Medic: KruZiiK

Team Denmark
Scout: Pot8o
Scout: Helberg
Roamer: zen
Pocket: Thalash
Demoman: Dr. Phil
Medic: F2

Team Finland
Scout: Puoskari
Scout: Hems
Roamer: AMS
Pocket: murje
Demoman: Setlet
Medic: Snape

The tournament will start with a round robin group stage, which will take place from Friday through Saturday. Each team will play each other once in best of one matches, with the results of the group stage determining their seeding for a single elimination bracket on Saturday afternoon. All matches in the bracket stage are best of three’s.

Prize Pool
A hefty prize pool is up for grabs at the Battle of the North, with €1500 on the table courtesy of Esports United and Razer. The 1st place team will also win Kraken 7.1 Chroma headsets from Razer. The prize pool distribution is as follows:

1st: €900 + 6x Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma headsets
2nd: €400
3rd: €200

Meet the Production
The talented crew of casters and producers will be onsite to bring you all of the action at DreamHack Winter! The talent list is:

Beater – caster
Bren – caster
TurboTabs – caster
Wolf Machina – producer
niceAsh – producer
BlackoutJon – producer
Wiethoofd – observer
Heny – Tournament admin

Be sure to tune in on Saturday 26th at 11 CET to catch all the action of the Battle for the North! It’s gonna be an exciting weekend of Nordic TF2! A special thanks to DreamHack, Essentials.tf, Logitech, teamfortress.tv and Razer.

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