Counter-Strike 1.6

DreamHack, MSI, Plantronics and BenQ present the official 1.6 tournament DreamHack MSI Championship at DreamHack Summer 2011. Sign-up today! 100 000 SEK in the prize pool.

DreamHack have already announced our tournaments in StarCraft II, Super Street Fighter IV, Quake Live, Bloodline Champions and Heroes of Newerth (as part of IOL Final4). Now it’s time to announce the last official tournament to be played at DreamHack Summer 2011. DreamHack MSI Championship at DreamHack Summer 2011 is sponsored by MSI, Plantronics and BenQ and boost a total prize purse of 100 000 SEK in cash prize.

Tournament will start with a open BYOC-qualifier (anyone with a LAN-ticket can sign up). Two teams will then advance from the BYOC-qualifier to the main tournament. Main tournament will be a 12 team tournament played in professional tournament area with tournament PC’s and referees. It’s start with a group stage (2×6) and three teams will advance to playoffs. The 2 best teams will fight in the Grand Final at DreamArena Extreme infront of 1100 people in the audience and broadcasting worldwide by Justin.TV and swedish broadcasting by SVT Play.


Game: Counter-Strike 1.6
Version: Latest patch
Game format: 5vs5
No of teams: 32
Rules: See rules below.
Maps: de_dust2, de_nuke, de_train, de_inferno, de_tuscan, de_mirage
Tournament format: Groupstage (4×8), Playoffs Single elimination
Tournament set-up: Open for everyone in the BYOC/LAN.
14:00 Registration closed
17:00 Round1 groups (de_dust2)
18:00 Round2 groups (de_inferno)
19:00 Round3 groups (de_nuke)
21:00 Playoff of 16 (de_mirage)
22:00 Playoff of 8 (de_tuscan)
23:00 Playoff of 4 de_train)Registration: Register now at
1. Wild card to main tournament
2. Wild card to main tournament

Main tournament

Game: Counter-Strike 1.6
Version: Latest patch
Game format: 5vs5
No of teams: 12
Rules: Rules (.pdf)
Maps: de_dust2, de_nuke, de_train, de_inferno, de_tuscan, de_mirage
Tournament format: Groupstage (2×6), 3 teams advance, Playoffs Single elimination
Tournament set-up: All matches played in Tournament Area at Tournament PC’s and BenQ 120hz monitors. Grand Final at DreamArena Extreme.

Participating teams:
1. Na’Vi (Invited – DreamHack Winter 2010 Champion)
2. mTw
3. playArt
4. SK-Gaming
5. Fnatic
6. Moscow Five
7. Lions
8. Millenium
9. x6tence – Selected by Dreamhack Spain
10. Kaos Gaming – Selected by DreamHack Benelux
11. TBA – BYOC-team #1 – Register here!
12. TBA – BYOC-team #2 – Register here!


Group A
Kaos Gaming
BYOC-team #1 – Register here!

Group B
Moscow Five
BYOC-team #2 – Register here!


Important: All teams need to register latest 17.00 18/6 in Game Info for signing registration form and take team photo.

19/6 Sunday:
09:00 Lions – Navi (Group A) de_tuscan
09:00 Moscow Five – SK (Group B) de_tuscan

10:00 Lions – mTw (Group A) de_nuke
10:00 Moscow Five – Fnatic (Group B) de_nuke

11:00 Lions – millenium (Group A) de_mirage
11:00 Moscow Five – playArt (Group B) de_mirage

12:00 BYOC #1 – millenium (Group A) de_tuscan
12:00 BYOC #2 – playArt (Group B) de_tuscan

13:00 KAOS gaming – millenium (Group A) de_nuke
13:00 x6tence – playArt (Group B) de_nuke

14:00 KAOS gaming – Lions (Group A) de_inferno
14:00 x6tence – Moscow Five (Group B) de_inferno

15:00 KAOS gaming – BYOC #1 (Group A) de_mirage
15:00 x6tence – BYOC #2 (Group B) de_mirage

16:00 Lions – BYOC #1 (Group A) de_train
16:00 Moscow Five – BYOC #2 (Group B) de_train

17:00 mTw – BYOC #1 (Group A) de_inferno
17:00 Fnatic – BYOC #2 (Group B) de_inferno

18:00 mTw – millenium (Group A) de_train
18:00 Fnatic – playArt (Group B) de_train

19:00 mTw – Navi (Group A) de_mirage
19:00 Fnatic – SK (Group B) de_mirage

20:00 BYOC #1 – Navi (Group A) de_nuke
20:00 BYOC #2 – SK (Group B) de_nuke

21:00 millenium – Navi (Group A) de_inferno
21:00 playArt – SK (Group B) de_inferno

22:00 mTw – KAOS gaming (Group A) de_tuscan
22:00 Fnatic – x6tence (Group B) de_tuscan

23:00 Navi – KAOS gaming (Group A) de_train
23:00 SK – x6tence (Group B) de_train

20/6 Monday:
10:00 3rd group A – 2nd group B (#01)
10:00 2nd group A – 3rd group B (#02)
13:00 Winner #01 – 1st group A (#03)
13:00 1st group B – Winner #02 (#04)
17:00 Looser #03 – Looser #04 (Bronze Final)
21:00 Winner #03 – Winner #04 (Grand Final – DreamArena Extreme)

Main tournament application:
E-mail your request to State the following information in your e-mail and use following subject ”DHS11 – Application”.
Cell phone no/Skype-id:
Team and Achievements:
All e-mail with information stated in any other way will be removed and deleted.
Deadline: 31th of May 2011.
Tournament fee: All players need to buy an Event Pass (450 SEK), which includes all time access during the whole event and possibility to use the open sleeping hall. The Event Pass is bought at Exception: Returning Champions and Qualified teams.

Any questions?
Do not hesitate to contact DreamHack Esport Administration
Email: esport[at]
Phone: +46 768 00 1336 (Office hours)


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