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News > Esport > Caster line-up: Apollo, Wolf, iNcontroL, Semmler

Caster line-up: Apollo, Wolf, iNcontroL, Semmler

DreamHack is proud to announce the team of casters and hosts that will deliver all the action from DreamHack EIZO Open: Stockholm 21-22 April to the on-site audience of 2300 fans and million of StarCraft II fans around the world.

Shaun ‘Apollo’ Clark

DreamHack is very proud to announce that Apollo has been signed for all DreamHack-events in 2012, having Shaun ‘Apollo’ Clark as our primary caster throughout the whole 2012 season. He had his big breakthrough as a caster during 2010 and 2011 and has casted all DreamHack-events in StarCraft II. Today he’s regarded as one of the best professional casters in the world and have casted for other leagues like IPL, MLG, ESL and IronSquid. He recently moved to Stockholm to focus on his career as a professional caster and will keep the Swedish fans on top of the StarCraft II action during the weekend.

Wolf ‘Wolf’ Schröder

For the premiere Eizo Open, DreamHack is excited to present a new face to the DreamHack audience: Wolf ‘Wolf’ Schröder. For a long time Schröder has been one of the most promising and talented casters out there. In 2011 he established himself as a permanent caster for GSL alongside Tasteless and Artosis. Wolf has also casted several tournaments around the world. DreamHack is very excited, just like many fans have suggested in comments, to see Apollo and Wolf together – doing their first cast in front of the Swedish crowd. The new duo will bring the same magic as Apollo and DeMusliM did during their first cast at Stockholm Invitational last year.

Geoff ‘iNcontroL’ Robinson

The man in control of the Interview Sofa will be no other than the professional American Protoss player Geoff ‘iNcontroL’ Robinson from team Evil Geniuses. In the sofa he will get into the competitor minds and give the audience the finalist’s thoughts. iNcontroL is one of the most famous and most popular players out there , a part of the famous State of the Game podcast as well as casting various show matches and tournaments. During day one he’ll be casting together with Apollo and Wolf giving his insight of the games in the tournament, but his main focus will be during the Final Show, taking command of the Interview Sofa where he will give you awesome interviews with all the play-off players as well as other professional players, eSports personalities and guests.

Auguste ‘SemmlerTheRiot’ Massonnat

Last but not least, the host for the Final Show will be Auguste ‘SemmlerTheRiot’ Massonnat. Massonnat is a famous eSports personality and caster from the Bloodline Champions community but have recently been part of StarCraft II-productions like Assembly Winter 2012. He’s also a member of the infamous GD Studio together with James “2GD” Harding and Shaun “Apollo” Clark and is currently living in Stockholm to pursue his dream as a professional caster and host. He will be presenting the players and interacting with the audience during day 2 and also report live from the Twitch.TV Player Lounge and the Tournament Area during day 1.

Caster & Host line-up:

- Shaun ‘Apollo’ Clark (@dApollo1337)
- Wolf ‘Wolf’ Schröder (@ProxyWolf)
- Geoff ‘iNcontroL’ Robinson (@EGiNcontroL)
- Auguste ‘SemmlerTheRiot’ Massonnat (@SemmlerTheRiot)

DreamHack.TV – Main stream


Day 1: Studio only 11.00 – 23.30

Tournament phase: Group stage #1 & #2
No. of matches: 9
Casters: Apollo, Wolf, iNcontroL (Rotating)
Reporter/Interviews SemmlerTheRiot

Day 2: Studio only 10.00 – 14.00

Tournament phase: Group stage #3 + Playoffs RO16
No. of matches: 4
Casters: Apollo, Wolf, iNcontroL (Rotating)
Reporter/Interviews SemmlerTheRiot


Day 2: The Show 16.00 – 24.00

Tournament phase: Playoffs – All RO8 matches, Semifinals and Grand Final
No. of matches: 7
Casters: Apollo, Wolf
Interviews: iNcontroL in the eSports sofa
Presenter: SemmlerTheRiot

DreamHack.TV – Additional languages

In partnership with our DreamHack partners in Romania and Spain we’ll also provide additional streams in local languages; swedish, spanish & romanian. This will be presented later on. During the Show (Sunday 16.00-24.00) the stream will be exclusively on DreamHack Main stream, and our official streams in these languages.

DreamHack.TV – Community streams

Having a tournament with up to 128 players from all over Europe and the world during 2 days naturally leads to DreamHack  granting community partners the possibility to broadcast group stage-matches from DreamHack EIZO Open: Stockholm. We have currently signed 5 partners to help us during the first tournament phase of the tournament, including;
- IMBAtv
- JoRoSaR
- GLHF.tv
- STIM.tv

More information & previous news items

In the upcoming days we’ll launch our brand new DreamHack EIZO Open website where you will find all the streams but also all the information about the tournament. Until then, see all our news items about the tournament below:
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Buy your Spectator ticket here! (www.ticnet.se)

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