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News > Esport > DreamHack Eizo Open Summer winner: MaNa

DreamHack Eizo Open Summer winner: MaNa

Team: Mousesports
Country: Poland
Prize purse: 200.000 SEK
Format: 1v1, Bo5


With DreamArena extreme completely stacked with people, the DreamHack Eizo Open Finals were soon to kick off and bring a couple of completely epic matches from two of the worlds hottest foreigners at the moment. To get to the finals, bot players had to get trough 9 Bo3s. A lot of games!


This is MaNas second time in the DreamHack finals and his way here has not been easy. Taking on players like HerO and accually 2-0 Stephano, MaNa is on fire and has come to claim his title. MaNa is a really good player, no doubt, but his rampage trough the brackets and to the finals came as a big surprise to a lot of people.

"MaNa's first notable achievement in StarCraft 2 was the DreamHack Winter 2010, where he
qualified through the BYOC qualifier. In the main tournament, he upset then top players such as
TheLittleOne and LaLuSh, making it out of his group and eventually reaching the finals.
The finals was a close series but ultimately MaNa lost in the finals 2-3 to Naama, his team
mate." - Liqupedia

Dimaga is a player who have just like MaNa been around since the very early stages in Starcraft II where he did pretty well. In the brackets he met players like Naniwa and Fraer, which definitely shows us that he is a really strong player.  In 2012 we haven’t seen much from him since his 2nd place in IEM Kiev, knocked out vs MMA. This was some time ago, but still shows us that Dimaga can do some cazy runs!

Game 1

Starting on Ohana, MaNa in the bottom position, Dimaga in the top. MaNa going for a forge expand, Dimaga going for a pool first into double expand. Dimaga drops down a roach warren, twillight and upgrades from MaNa. MaNa going for Archon, Zealot, Sentries whiles as Dimaga starts pumping out roaches and lings. Some great forefields help MaNa stop the roaches and lings of Dimaga, Dimaga almost pushes back but new warp-ins cleans it up. MaNa moves in with a big force, blink stalkers doing short work off the roaches – GG.

Game 2

Second map is Cloud Kingdom, Dimaga starting in the top and MaNa in the bottom. Dimaga going for the same opening, while MaNa goes for the forge expand again but gets the cannon after the nexus instead of the other way around. Dimaga getting banelings, morphes them in and hits the forge, one well place forcefield saves MaNa. The agression continues but MaNas forcefields saves him again. MaNa moves out to grab his third, Dimaga goes for an attack and succeeds to stop the third. MaNa gets a warp prison to put some pressure on, one warp-in and GG!

Game 3

The third map is Daybreak, MaNa starts in the top right, Dimaga in the bottom left. MaNa opens forge expand vs Dimagas pool – double expand. MaNa goes for the weapons upgrade once again. MaNa tires to go for a 4 gate off 2 base, but misses the timing and gets supply blocked so he decides to stay in the base. MaNa moves out with a 6 gate, Dimaga scouts the army and decides to split up. Nice forcefirelds going down but banelings rolls in, hits the sentrys and MaNa has to remake his army. Dimaga researching drops and take a 4th, blink being researched by MaNa and 3rd on the way. MaNa moves in thowards the 4th and kills off the base, zealots being warped in to the main. Dimaga going in with baneling drops and lots of lings, 23 probes to Dimagas ca. 70.   Dimaga getting broodlords, MaNa doing storm drops, evening out the worker count. Dimaga moves out with his 200/200 army vs MaNas 130/200 and GG!

Game 4

The fourth map is Antiga shipyard. Dimaga gets the top left while MaNa gets the buttom right. Both players going for the same openings as the last game. MaNa going for a twillight and +1. Dimaga gets his banes and 1/1 ground upgrades. 3rd nexus on the way  for MaNa while he moves in to try to put a lot of pressure on Dimaga. MaNa throwing down exccelent force fields, kills the 3rd. Dimaga drops on top of MaNas army but it is to strong and IT IS GG!

Anton Levein

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