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Announcement: Stockholm, 8th of July 2013

DreamHack & RockStar Energy Drink send Popi to EVO 2013

DreamHack teams-up with Rockstar Energy Drink to send the DreamHack Champion Simon ‘Popi’ Gutierrez to the most prestigious fighting tournament in the world – Evolution Championship Series, in Las Vegas 12-14 July.

The World of Fighters were amazed when the Swedish Sensation Simon ‘Popi’ Gutierrez defeated the reigning EVO Champion Seon-woo ‘Infiltration’ Lee in the Grand Final of DreamHack Summer 2013 and becoming the new DreamHack Champion. In the same event, Popi, also became the new Swedish Champion after taking the Grand Final of ESPORTSM.

After this, the whole fighting community wanted to see Popi on the upcoming Evolution event happening next weekend. DreamHack answered the call, and together with RockStar Energy Drink, are putting up both travel and accommodation for Gutierrez and his close friend. The two of them will be traveling to Las Vegas this Monday to prepare for the upcoming tournament.

“It’s time for my biggest adventure so far, going to Las Vegas and compete in the most prestigious tournament there is.” said Gutierrez who also celebrate his 25th birthday on July 15. “I want to thank the whole fighting community for the support (especially James Bardolph, Slasher and Djwheat) but also million thanks to Dreamhack and Rockstar energy drink for making one of my dreams come true. All my supporters is my heroes and the true motivation.”

“RockStar Energy Drink have a long track record of supporting athletes around the world and now we’re very excited to bring a professional gamer like the Swedish Popi to Las Vegas, also the headquarters of RockStar Energy.” said Max Collin, Marketing Manager at RockStar Sweden.

“We at DreamHack just want to see how Popi will perform across the Atlantic. We’ll create a special campaign site where Swedish fighting fans can follow Popi, and we also hope that the European gaming community will rise to the occasion and follow the Street Fighter scene more closely after this” said Tomas Hermansson, Head of eSports at DreamHack.

DreamHack and RockStar Energy Drink is now launching a campaign site where you can follow Popi during his Las Vegas trip and run at the EVO Championship title. Go to gopopi.dreamhack.se Also, make sure you use the official hashtag while tweeting during the event: #GOPOPI

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