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Monster Energy® DreamHack Studios

DreamHack, the World’s largest computer festival, and Monster Energy, the leading marketer and distributor of energy drinks, is proud to announce that Monster Energy will become the Title Sponsor of the DreamHack TV Studio, located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Launched on February 20th of 2014, in partnership with Modern Times Group, the Monster Energy® DreamHack Studios have already become one of the leading eSports TV-studios in the World. Since launching, DreamHack has broadcasted 36 days and 178 hours of content, including eSports broadcasts in Dota 2, StarCraft II, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and many more games. In addition to that DreamHack has hosted launch events in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (by Blizzard Entertainment) and The Mighty Quest of Epic Loot (by Ubisoft)

The premiere broadcast from the Studio, the ongoing Dota 2 league ASUS ROG DreamLeague, is celebrating huge success with 12 of the World’s best teams attending and over $200,000 in prize money. In just a few weeks, ASUS ROG DreamLeague has already become one of the World’s leading eSports leagues globally with 7,800,000 video plays, 2,800,000 hours of watched content and 4,500,000 of unique views/visitors in the first seven weeks of broadcast.

The Monster Energy® Title Sponsorship will enable DreamHack and MTG to provide even more eSports content from the Studio to the global eSports community, as we’ll announce both new shows and events this coming year.

“When the crew at DreamHack decided to take the same energy and talent for building top tier eSports events and turn it towards creating an eSport dedicated studio, we knew we had to be a part of it” said Matt Simpson, Monster Energy Marketing Manager – Gaming & eSports. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with DreamHack Studios in their goal to help bring the love of eSports to the masses and look forward to the new boundary-pushing content that they are known for.”

“We’re extremely happy to have Monster Energy® on-board as one of our core partners in eSports and to provide even more eSports content from our Studio” said Robert Ohlén, CEO of DreamHack. “Monster Energy® show that they are serious about their commitment and support of the eSports community with both supporting Monster Energy® DreamHack Studios and DreamHack Open 2014”

Earlier this month, DreamHack & Monster Energy® announced their partnership for the DreamHack Open 2014 circuit where Monster Energy® will be one of the main partners and the exclusive energy drink.

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Open doors
As a first kick-off to the partnership, we’ll offer all Dota II fans in Stockholm and Sweden to come and visit the Monster Energy® DreamHack Studios during ASUS ROG DreamLeague Super Weekend, Saturday 10th of May and Sunday 11th of May. During two full days fans will be able to watch 12 matches of the ASUS ROG DreamLeague as it commence, but also meet the famous caster personalities from the GD Studio in-person, including James ‘2GD’ Harding, Andy ‘Draskyl’ Stiles, David ‘Luminous’ Zhang, Bruno ‘StatsmanBruno’ Carlucci and off course our swedish casters Erik ‘Bogdan’ Olsson and Kim ‘Drayich’ Larsson. Read more about ASUS ROG DreamLeague at http://dota2.dreamhack.se and sign-up here.

About Monster Energy

Based in Corona, California, Monster Beverage Corporation is the leading marketer and distributor of energy drinks and alternative beverages. Refusing to acknowledge the traditional, Monster Beverage Corporation supports the scene and sport. Whether motocross, off-road, NASCAR, BMX, surf, snowboard, ski, skateboard, or the rock and roll lifestyle, Monster is a brand that believes in authenticity and the core of what its sports, athletes and musicians represent. More than a drink, it’s the way of life lived by athletes, sports, bands, believers and fans. See more about Monster Beverage Corporation including all of its drinks at www.monsterenergy.com.
Website: www.monsterenergy.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/monstergaming
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MonsterEnergyGaming

About DreamHack

DreamHack is the World’s Largest Computer Festival. DreamHack’s roots and core is the LAN party, with the major events DreamHack Summer and Winter, where participants bring their own computers and connect to the Internet in a large local area network which basically BECOMES the Internet by sheer scale. DreamHack is also Sweden’s first consumer-oriented trade show / event / festival for computer games, game consoles and computers. The events are a platform for tournaments in esports, knowledge and creative competitions, concerts by famous music artists, lectures by game developers and much more.
Website: http://www.dreamhack.se
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dreamhackfestival
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dreamhack

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