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Sjaaking the professional StarCraft 2 scene!

5 years old, Wouter “Sjaak” Bree is a Protoss player for the team ECVisualize, playing his first ever LAN event outside the Netherlands here in DreamHack Open. What sets him apart from the other young players joining in? While being too young to even participate for WCS, he managed to collect 125 WCS points by making it all the way to the top 16 in the tournament, beating famous players such as Hyun (2-1), HuK (2-0) and Golden (2-1), leaving a strong impression in both audience and casters for what the future might bring for this young man.

How did you get into Esports?
”I started playing StarCraft 2,5 years ago and after some time a team picked me up out of nowhere”

Why StarCraft?
”I used to play BattleField when I was 12-13 years old, and my parents told me that I shouldn’t be playing the game since it was too aggressive. My brother was playing StarCraft 2, so I kind of got into it”

Who was your hardest opponent?
”My hardest? Probably TaeJa, he ”wrecked me so hard”

What makes him so good?
”He doesn’t make any mistakes, you can’t do anything cheesy. And he can cheese you too, even his cheeses are safe I would say”

How is ECV as a clan?
”ECV is really supportive, they support me a lot in all of my tournaments. If I go to an event in the Netherlands or close to home, there are always like 80 people from ECV and everyone is always cheering on you. There were like 20 people messaging me saying ’So sick! So sick!’ and stuff like that, so it’s really great for me”

Is this your first DreamHack?
”Yeah this my first international tournament”

So you have never gone to a LAN outside of the Netherlands before?

How do you like your first DreamHack?
”My first DreamHack? It was awesome! Probably a lot because of my performance too, but overall the atmosphere is great and it was nice to see pro players as well and beating them was of course the highlight of the experience!”

What can we expect from you in the future?
”I don’t really know what my future will bring. I will be participating in the Dutch StarCraft League next month and I will try to come to DreamHack Valencia as well. But apart from that I will have to see, because this weekend has given me a lot of opportunities for the future and I have to see how they play out and what advantages I can get from them”

What is the dream if you may choose anything?
”Haha, get rich with a nice wife”

What is the worst? Swarm Hosts or Hellbats?
”If I was a jerk, I’d say Hellbats, but actually I don’t mind any of them. I really like playing against Swarm Hosts, I try to keep the games as short as possible when I play against them, and play aggressively, and it pans out very well. I faced Swarm Hosts one game this tournament, when I played versus Golden, and I managed to win it pretty convincingly”

Good luck in the future Sjaak!

Photo: Frederike “Cridili” Schmitt
Text: Alexander “Zeweig” Lind

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