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News > DHS14 | DREAMHACK | DREAMHACK OPEN | ESPORT | GAMING > TaeJa beats DreamHack, but champagne is still overpowered!

TaeJa beats DreamHack, but champagne is still overpowered!

After beating the young ”Sjaak” in the round of 16, Yun “TaeJa” Young Seo, playing for Team Liquid, continued his crusade, laying waste to Patience and Jaedong while making it look easy. This killing machine of a Terran has been beating down on the other pro players at DreamHack for a long time, and this DreamHack Open was no exception as the young Korean emerged from the three group stages without losing a single map.

His opponent, Team Liquid’s ”HerO” (Protoss) made it out slightly more troubled as he dropped a map against ”YoDa” and ”San”, with the latter being a very close game, ending in ”San” overextending with an odd colossus/immortal push without a backup.

Listening to the casters, it seemed like HerO stood little chance against the Terran as they predicted the risk of a 3-0 for TaeJa being reasonably high. Now what separates this opponent from the others? HerO has won two DreamHacks, is considered to be a veteran at this venue with his first victory being 2011 versus ”PuMa”, and is one considered to be one of the strongest Protoss players in the world.

Coming into the finals, TaeJa starts it off boldly with lifting his Command Center and floating it over to the gold base, which allowed HerO to punish the risky move. Although getting a good start, it was not enough when facing the might of the Terran, and he succumbed to the relentless waves of biological units thrown at him.

History repeats itself as HerO keep trying new moves and builds agains his team mate, but to no avail, and it is looking grim for the Protoss as he scratches down another loss to his DreamHack statistics. The third game begins, being match point for TaeJa, and HerO plays what he believes will work – a solid, balanced and methodical game where he shuts down drops and gets an edge. Whist making many good moves, such as killing of several medivacs filled with units, his team mate’s macro and multi tasking is on a completely different level, and although close, it still is not enough to break the unstoppable force known as TaeJa.

The series end with a 3-0 score for TaeJa, who did not only ”ace” his team mate, but also this DreamHack Summer as he ended the tournament with the unbelievable score of 17-0 in maps, not dropping a single one during the entire event.

TaeJa broke all standards and set the bar higher than ever with his perfect score and fourth DreamHack victory as he simply smiles and states that he still has practice to undergo before he will consider himself the best StarCraft player in the world. He remains undefeated, at least until Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson hands over the champagne that three out of three times so far has been the biggest obstacle for the young Terran. Would the fourth time be the charm? Well, after some time, and with the assistance in the shape of Robert Ohlén, he overpoweres the bottle, and celebrations commences. Maybe a little more practice will be needed for the next event!

Congratulations TaeJa on your fourth DreamHack championship! Hopefully we will get to see you next DreamHack Open as well!

With a prizepool of $25,000, the second DreamHack Open has brought out some of the best players in the world, resulting in a filled out venue and a great amount of high level games!

Photo: Helena Kristiansson, esportphoto.com
Text: Alexander “Zeweig” Lind

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