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News > DHS14 | DREAMHACK | GAMING > The ”Home Team” takes home the CS:GO Championship!

The ”Home Team” takes home the CS:GO Championship!

When people said that it might be advisable to begin queuing for the grand finals of the DreamHack SteelSeries CS:GO Championship about half an hour before the start of the event, it seemed reasonable – you never know if the arena will fill out.

What many didn’t expect was that by the time the doors opened, the queue was reaching out all the way to the lobby, next to Hall C, with hundreds of fans waiting for, what for many would be, the highlight of the evening. Many did not even get in, as the arena quickly filled out with cheering fans and avid supporters of the teams, so those who could not watch it live swarmed Hall B to watch the big monitor next to the CS:GO group stage area.

The grand finals was to be played out between the hot upcoming team Na’Vi and the, without a doubt, crowd favourites – Ninjas in Pyjamas. With huge names such as Friberg, F0rest and GeT_RightT, the Swedish team is extremely popular here at DreamHack, and the crowd was almost entirely supportive of NiP, with the exception of a few Na’Vi fans whom you could hear from time to time when the rest of the arena went silent.

Before the game started, a lot of hype went out in form of music, such as the always popular ”Sandstorm” with Darude (what song?), odd bird-dubstep and a Greykarn movie. The crowd quickly caught on, and the spirit in the arena was absolutely amazing as a breathtaking amount of people started chanting ”N-i-P” over and over again.

Things starts off well for the Swedish team as spill the first blood of the finals, and needless to say, the crowd went completely crazy. But the underdogs ”Natus Vincere” would not be any pushovers that just let NiP do whatever they want, and proved that with some really solid aim and quick reactions, taking the first round. After a lot of clutch moments and nice saves, the Ninjas switches to the Counter-Terrorist side after the first half ending with a 10-5 score in their favour. After winning the pistol round, NiP takes the following rounds without breaking a sweat and finish the first map with a dominating result of 16-5.

After leaving Inferno, the teams play a much closer game on Train, where Na’Vi opens with a strong 5-0 lead. The spirit seems broken in the audience, but as the Swedish team claims their first round (now 5-1), the arena erupts with the noise of hundreds of fans reviving the hope of a 2-0 map win for NiP.

One after another, NiP claims rounds, and soon the score is even at 5 rounds each, and even if the Ukrainian team gets a round, Fifflaren wins the 1 versus 2 situation with some stunning AWP skills, but unfortunately does not have time for the defuse. The score keeps on going back and forth until NiP gets the lead and is close to winning the entire tournament as they stand with a 14-10 score, only required to take two out of six rounds to ensure victory.

With everything against them, Na’Vi might look broken, but there is a lesson to be learned about giving up for the one who doubts the world class Counter Strike players who pull the situation under control by winning four straight rounds. With only two rounds left, Xizt is left alone versus two opponents and manages to take them both out, ensuring the overtime and might give NiP the chance to win the map and take the 2-0 win they want so badly. HeatoN, the coach of NiP, jumps out of his seat together with the audience, and the reapeting chant of ”Xizt! Xizt!” echoes all over the arena.

The last round goes to Natus Vincere after a very close one-on-one situation, and the match goes into overtime where NiP manages to steal the four rounds they needed for the victory, leading to the 2-0 victory – meaning a big chunk of the $30,000 and the recognition of champions of the DreamHack SteelSeries CS:GO Championship 2014.

After the match, any stayed to congratulate the team, and HeatoN thanked the audience for their massive support, as the League of Legend and Counter Strike sections of NiP gathered for one big celebration of placing first in both Esports.

”Jag vet inte vad jag ska säga, det är helt fantastiskt! Det känns verkligen som att spela på hemmaplan med denna publik! Det gör verkligen en stor skillnad med allt publikstöd, det gör att vi klarar av omöjliga situationer” – Emil ”HeatoN” Christensen

Photo: Rikard “Fearium” Söderberg
Text: Alexander “Zeweig” Lind

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