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When and where is DreamHack Summer 2014 arranged?
DreamHack is arranged at the Elmia fair in Jönköping, Sweden. DreamHack Summer 2014 opens 08:00 on Saturday June 14 & close 10:00 on Tuesday June 17.

DreamHack Summer 2014 is opened 24/7

How do I apply for the DreamHack Cosplay Championship?
We will soon open the possibility to apply for the DreamHack Cosplay Championship. The applications demands the contestants full name +contacts and information about character. An application do not guarantee a spot in the DreamHack Cosplay Championship. Only the first a hundred and ten (110) complete and correct applications will get a spot.

When is DreamHack Summer 2014 Cosplay Championship arranged?
DreamHack Cosplay will have activities and dedicated area for cosplay and cosplay related activities during DreamHack summer 2014. The main event, DreamHack Summer 2014 Cosplay Championship is arranged on monday June 16. The main competition will be held at the DreamHack Main Stage in Hall D.

What is the ticket price and what is included?
To be able to compete in DreamHack Cosplay you need to purchase at least “Festival Pass” for 550 SEK. The ticket gives you access to all of DreamHack 24/7 and it also includes access to the sleeping halls. With the festival pass you can take part in all tournaments and competitions at DreamHack summer 2014.

Full info on tickets to DreamHack Summer 2014 is available here: here!

What kind of costume protection will be dedicated for the DreamHack Cosplay Championship contestants?
There are a limited number of safe lockers at DreamHack and DreamHack will also feature a wardrobe with limited opening hours. The day of the DreamHack Cosplay Championship contestants will be allowed into a backstage area during preparations and before the contest. We are also happy to declare a dedicated area for cosplay and cosplay related activities during DreamHack summer 2014.

Are only computer and video game characters allowed?
Costume must be based on a computer game, video game, anime, manga and comic books. The design must be based on an officially published work! No fan arts or original character designs allowed. We do how ever recommend the ones who want to go home with price to cosplay from the gaming-world scene this will give you a better shot of taking home one of our many gorgeous prices!

Will DreamHack provide special mics, sound setting, lights and background for the individual contestants?
No, DreamHack will provide equal sound and settings for all contestants that will be pre-prepared by the DreamHack stage managers & Cosplay Crew. Contestants can not affect the setting neither before or during DreamHack.

Where can i find the rules for DreamHack Summer 2014 Cosplay Championship?
Full rules is available here!

Where can i find the general event rules for DreamHack?
Full event rules is available here!

Please note that special rules for competitions are not included in the general rules.

I can’t attend DreamHack Summer 2014, can i watch DreamHack Summer 2014 Cosplay Championship online?
DreamHack Summer 2014 Cosplay Championship will be live streamed for free in HD so you can follow the competition from the comfort of your home. It will also be available on VOD.

What are the prices and how many can one contestant win?
Full information regarding prize money and other prizes will be published soon. Our guests and judges Yaya Han and Kamui will both give aside from the main prize a special price each to there favorite Cosplay Championship contestant!

If i win a prize, how do i claim it?
1. Competition prizes must be claimed within 30 days after the event.
2. Prize money will be paid within 90 days of the end of the event.
3. All prize money is paid in SEK.
4. Prize money is only exempted from tax if the winning team is organized as a company/association/non-profit organization.
5. Private individuals will receive money as salary, this according to Swedish Tax Law. DreamHack AB must therefore deduct both a general payroll tax and employment tax from the won prize amount, before the money is paid out to Individuals (see 4).

The recipient of the prize money is the individual person or company/association/non-profit organization that has registered for the specific competition. The winner/s must be present at the Prize Ceremony & Media interviews and connected photo-shoot.

Full information on the DreamHack Prize Money Policy is available here!

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