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DreamHack arranges a lot of Esport tournaments for all audiences ranging from casual and fun to real hard core attracting professional players. All major genres like Team FPS, Duel FPS, Racing, Fighting, Sports and strategic games are featured at DreamHack festivals at some level. Many of the tournaments are open for everybody and often starts in the BYOC area then moves on to a tournament area. The final for the main games is played in front of thousand of people on the main stage or DreamArena Extreme.

Most of the tournaments are live streamed for free in HD at

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

EIZO, HyperX, Razer and Monster Energy are proud to join DreamHack in presenting the DreamHack Open 2014 Tour with six live StarCraft® II: Heart of the Swarm® tournaments across Europe. The best Starcraft II pro-gamers from around the globe will have the opportunity to compete for a total of $200,000 being awarded as well as earn their place in esports history as the next DreamHack Open Champion.

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ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 1 will feature 12 of the World’s best Dota 2 teams from Europe and North America, boost the prize pool from $100,000 and have it’s Grand Finals at DreamHack Summer 2014 – the World’s largest computer festival in Jönköping, Sweden.

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The DreamHack League of Legends Championship at DreamHack Summer 2014 sponsored by Plantronics. With $30,000 in the prize pool and 8 teams selected by invites, BYOC and Online qualifiers we are set for a great tournament and experience for all Summoners.

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Counter-Strike:Global Offensive

DreamHack, SteelSeries and NEEDforSEAT are proud to present the DreamHack SteelSeries CS:GO Championship at DreamHack Summer 2014 14-17 June. Sixteen of the World’s best Counter-Strike Global Offensive teams will fight to become the next DreamHack Champions. The DreamHack SteelSeries CS:GO Championship will start Saturday June 14th of and the Grand Final will be played on Monday the 16th of June. Sixteen of the World’s best CS:GO teams will be participating in the tournament and fight over 200,000 SEK (equals ~$30,000) in prize money and the chance to play the Grand Final in front of thousands of CS-fans in DreamArena Extreme.

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The DreamHack Viagame Hearthstone Championship is kicking off on June 14th featuring 12 of the World’s best Hearthstone players, as well as a massive BYOC competition to determine 4 more competitors who will join them. The DreamHack Viagame Hearthstone Championship tournament will feature a combination of world class seeded players who have proven themselves in previous competitions as well as a massive open bracket. The main tournament will be played on iPad and feature $25,000 USD prize pool.

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We are really excited to annouce the Ultra Street Fighter IV Tournament at DreamHack Summer 2014 and that the tournament will be a part of the Capcom Pro Tour. The top 16 players at the DreamHack Summer 2014 Ultra Street Fighter IV Tournament will receive Capcom Pro Tour Ranking points and on top of that we have 50 000 SEK in the prize pool to fight for. The Capcom Pro Tour Ultra Street Fighter IV Tournament at DreamHack Summer 2014 will be one of the very first in Ultra Street Fighter IV that is due to be released in early June 2014.

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Infinite Crisis

DreamHack is proud to announce the ‘Dreamhack Summer Infinite Crisis Exhibition’ between two of Europe’s best professional teams Natus Vincere and Team Dignitas that will play a series of bounty matches for $12,500 in prize money. In addition to this, we’ll host the ‘Dreamhack Summer Infinite Crisis Open’ with $3,000 in prize money for up to 8 attending amateur teams. Are you going to DreamHack and an Infinite Crisis fan? Or new to the game? Sign-up for our $3,000 DreamHack Summer Infinite Crisis Open that will be an amateur tournament in the Infinite Crisis booth with registration on a first come, first serve basis. The first 8 teams that confirm their participation on-site will get a slot. The top 4 teams will qualify to Day #2 on the Infinite Crisis booth where teams will be coached by team members of Natus Vincere and Team Dignitas.

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The Swedish eSports Championship ESPORTSM will once again be at DreamHack Summer with their grand finals. ESPORTSM features League of Legends, StarCraft II, FIFA14, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. This season ESPORTSM have 600 000 SEK in price money and the championship will be played on Saturday 15 june & Sunday 16 June. ESPORTSM is sponsored by Telia, Komplett, SteelSeries, Trask Industries & Nöjesbladet and will be available on live stream for free on Aftonbladet, the biggest webpage in the nordic countries.

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