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At the DreamHack festivals we offer lots of different shops and a wide variety of goods from electronics, gaming gear, hardware, t-shirts, caps, emblems, plushies, fan wear, collector items and much muchmore, often at great festival deals.

DreamHack MerchStore

In the DreamHack MerchStore you will find all official DreamHack Gear and a wide selection of cool apparel from our partners and attending pro gaming teams. The DreamHack MerchStore is located in lobby syd and is open 24/7 during DreamHack Summer 2014. You can pre-order selected goods from the DreamHack Merchandise store and pick it up when you arrive at DreamHack Summer 2014. The iconic classic DreamHack Logo T-shirt is a pure statement that is recognised all over the world is available for only 99 SEK.

About: The iconic classic DreamHack Logo T-shirt is a pure statement that is recognised all over the world
Size: S, M, L, XL
Price: 99 SEK


The festival store DreamStore by Webhallen is set up in the DreamExpo, Hall B at Elmia and besides fabulous fair prices on games, hardware, gaming accessories, representatives from several manufacturers are on hand to demonstrate and provide advice to customers. DreamStore by Webhallen is one of the most popular features at DreamExpo during DreamHack Summer and Winter, it’s Black Friday pressure in the store throughout the festival.

Webhallen Sweden AB as a concept was founded in 1999 in a small apartment in central Stockholm and has quickly grown to be one of the leading retailers in hardware, consumer electronics, gadgets, games and movies. To date, Webhallen has eleven physical stores scattered from Malmö to Uppsala , mail order and online store and about 145 employees. In 2013 Webhallen had sale of approximately 932 million SEK.


The Secret Shop is filled with fantastic apparel for your favourite Valve games. You can find branded t-shirts, caps, emblems,plushies and more from Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. And of course many of the products in the Secret Shop is bundled with a promotional coupon code to unlock in-game items! Here you can see the full assortment at the Secret Shop at DreamHack Summer 2014.

The Secret Shop is located in Lobby Syd. Be sure to visit it early, some stuff are in very limited quantaties.

Product name – Digital Code – Price in SEK
1. Juggernaut Graphic T-shirt – Dragon Sword – 200 SEK
2. Chaos Knight T-shirt – Entropic Set – 250 SEK
3. Kunkka Graphic T-shirt – BladeBiter – 200 SEK

Product name – Digital Code – Price in SEK
1. Batrider T-shirt – The Dreaded Forgewing – 250 SEK
2. AXE T-shirt – Wyvernguard Edge – 150 SEK
3. Brewmaster T-shirt – Lockless Lockbox – 200 SEK

Product name – Digital Code – Price in SEK
1. Microplush Blind box – Lockless Lockbox – 120 SEK
2. TF2 Blue team T-shirt – NO ITEM – 100 SEK
3. TF2 Red team T-shirt – NO ITEM – 100 SEK

Product name – Digital Code – Price in SEK
1. Puck Womens T-shirt – Aether Wing – 200 SEK
2. Puck Mens T-shirt – Aether Wing – 200 SEK
3. Wizard & Donkey T-shirt – Dolfrat and Roshinante Courier – 200 SEK

Product name – Digital Code – Price in SEK
1. Drow Ranger T-shirt – Bow of the Howling Wind – 150 SEK
2. Tide Hunter T-shirt – Recluse Reef Denizen – 150 SEK
3. Heroclix – Genuine TideHunter Blink – 250 SEK

Product name – Digital Code – Price in SEK
No picture available
1. CS:GO Pliars T-shirt NO ITEM – 100 SEK
2. CS:GO Loser Winner T-shirt – NO ITEM – 100 SEK
3. CS:GO Cap – NO ITEM – 120 SEK
4. Emblem knit cap NO ITEM 100


As a part of DreamHack Cosplay, we are happy to introduce the new Expo area connected to all that is Cosplay during DreamHack Summer 2014. Including wigs, cosplay materials and more this area will be a must for every cosplayar and other curios visitors to pass by. In addition to cosplay materials and more the expo will feature new type of gadgets also complimenting the original DreamExpo and DreamStore. The shopping possibilities have never been this big!

During DreamHack summer, visitors will be able to enjoy a new side of exhibitors with anime and manga gadget’s, cosplay supplies like wigs and props, asien one-pieces named kigurumis, boardgames, printed pillows, bags and more. It’s a new side of DreamHack that you weren’t expecting. The new Expo will take its place outside Dream Arena with limited opening hours.

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