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Play Planetoid Pioneers at Dreamhack Summer, the new game from the creators of Cortex Command!

Following the success of their award winning debut title Cortex Command, Data Realms will be at Dreamhack Summer 2015 to showcase their next game Planetoid Pioneers (feel free to link to www.planetoidpioneers.com), a 2D physics-based action adventure driven by User Generated Content and inspired by the classic action/exploration games Blaster Master (1988) and Exile (1988).

Your Pioneer is marooned on a Planetoid in a Robinson Crusoe scenario after your prized space yacht blew up. Use your Atomizer/Assembler tool to gather resources and turn them into various vehicles, contraptions, and even organic life forms to help you explore the mysterious caves beneath the surface of the uncharted circular world.

When your creations break apart procedurally due to the unique physics engine, simply recycle the resources locked in the wreckage and build something else that will be useful or fun in the immediate situation. Eventually you’ll be able to move enough stuff from the depths of the Planetoid to the surface in order to build an expensive rocketship and blast off!

Venture onward and explore the rest of the asteroid belt full of exciting worlds created and shared by fellow Pioneers, or create your own using the powerful in-game tools and editor thanks to the game’s highly sophisticated Crush2D engine, active community, and helpful tutorials.

Data Realms will also be giving out free codes for Cortex Command during Dreamhack Summer 2015 at our DreamExpo booth located in Hall B. They are actively recruiting passionate modders to join our exclusive Pioneer Program that will get you access to an early build of Planetoid Pioneers and its in-game editor that allows you to create your own weapons, vehicles and creatures inside the game!



Twitter: @DataRealms
Facebook: /planetoidpioneers
Youtube: /planetoidpioneers
Homepage: www.planetoidpioneers.com

About Data Realms

Data Realms is a completely distributed team spread over nine countries originally founded by Swedish indie developer Dan Tabar. A large part of the current team was recruited straight out of the modding and fan community of Cortex Command, after having stood out as exceptionally talented creators in their own right.

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