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DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix – ALL COMPETITORS

In 3 short days the DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix will begin! With $40,000 on the line for 128 competitors competing in Swiss Format, this is arguably the most difficult Hearthstone tournament of all time! You do not want to miss any of the action! All the action will be played out live onsite at DreamHack Summer 2015 June 13-15th, with the best matches being livestreamed for free and in 1080p at http://www.twitch.tv/dreamhackhs!

The lineup for the tournament is stacked, with huge names in the Hearthstone community converging on Jonkoping, as well as a huge number of new players looking to prove their worth on an equal playing field, the Hearthstone Grand Prix Champion will be the title every player is looking for! Today we are excitted to release the full playerlist for the tournament, out of these 128 players, only one champion will be crowned!

Tournament format

Prize Money: $40,000 USD
Competitor Slots: 128
Tournament Structure: Swiss, top 8 cut after 7 rounds
Match Format: Bo5 Conquest
World Championship Points Awarded: 230 points

Full Player List

Millenium Maverick
Celestial FrozenIce
LowLandLions eindboas
LowLandLions maDe
Nihilum ThijsNL
LowLandLions Vortex
LowLandLions Yurka
London Conspiracy CosplayGrill
Team Mindgame kanelsnurr
TMG ReTord
TMG Spooge
Ascendia Fatality
mYinsanity Alesh
Team Liquid Neirea
H2k G2A Crane333
H2k G2A inderen
SK Gaming Numberguy
HAUKI Gaming NikoThegreat
Enemy Intelligence P0ltergeist
Team Liquid Savjz
munis ES stafu
RCTIC Esports Wampie
Ascendia D3monSlayer
GamersOrigin Lowelo
Gamersorigin pac
GamersOrigin TheFishou
Millenium Torlk
GamersOrigin Un33d
Millenium Yogg
Cloud9 Ekop
Trig Esports Faramir
Tempo Storm Gaara
Playing Ducks igor
UX gaming Ikarus
Complexity jj102
myRevenge MaxCapone
uX Gaming RobinWho
myRevenge T1mme
Team Archon Xixo
Team dignitas Kranich
SK Gaming RenieHouR
Team Dignitas Chakki
compLexity Gaming Dog
Trig DTwo
Archon Firebat
Tempo Storm hyped
Tempo Storm reynad
Archon Zalae
SK Gaming AKAWonder
Method Pini
Enemy Intelligence Affie
SK Gaming Airbrushed
GrowUp Andreas
Enemy Intelligence Esports BombyHagel
FollowScythe Byberg
Enemy Intelligence chaaoos
Enemy Intellgence Deathboose
Enemy Intelligence
Team Renegade Fluffy
SK Gaming Freakeh#2547
Fnatic Frezzar
Keita gaming Gucceymane
Keita Gaming KevveC
Nihilum Kungen
SK Gaming MartinCreek
Team Archon Orange
ROOT Ostkaka
Trig Esports Powder
Rickard Johansson
Team Darkstar Schismatron
Team Liquid Sjow
SK Gaming Spo#2984
Leaf-Gaming TristanJ
Keita Trusted
NeverLucky Impact
Archon Purple
douyu douyuanderie
Tempo Storm Eloise
Zhanqi Island
Celestial TiddlerCelestial
dignitas GreenSheep
Method Max
Razor’s Edge Gaming modernleper
uFrag shalesey
uFrag xl3en
Team Archon Amaz
Razor’s Edge Gaming BaDi
Genji eSports Boutaras
Genji eSports Gentsatso
Razer’s Edge Gaming Hawkeye
Genji Esports LetMeFarM
Razor’s Edge Gaming Marzito
genji stefancock
Fnatic Kaldi

Live stream

Selected matches from the Swiss round and the entirety of the playoffs will be broadcasted live for free on Twitch in multiple languages.

English stream – http://www.twitch.tv/dreamhackhs
Dan “Frodan” Chu
Jakub “Lothar” Szygulski
Marcin “Gnimsh” Filipowicz

Additional streams:
French – Millenium
Russian – Olesami
Hungarian – Hungary Esports
Spanish – DreamHack Spain

Saturday 13th June 2015
12:30 – Player check in starts
13:00 – Match Draw
13:30 – Round 1 – Heat 1
15:00 – Round 1 – Heat 2
16:30 – Match Draw
17:00 – Round 2 – Heat 1
18:30 – Round 2 – Heat 2
20:00 – Match Draw
20:30 – Round 3 – Heat 1
22:00 – Round 3 – Heat 2
23:30 – Match Draw

Sunday 14th June 2015
10:30 – Round 4 – Heat 1
12:00 – Round 4 – Heat 2
13:30 – Match Draw
14:00 – Round 5 – Heat 1
15:30 – Round 5 – Heat 2
17:00 – Match Draw
17:30 – Round 6 – Heat 1
19:00 – Round 6 – Heat 2
20:30 – Match Draw
21:00 – Round 7 – Heat 1
22:30 – Round 7 – Heat 2

Monday 15th June 2015
11:45 – Pre show
12:00 – Round of 8 – Match 1
13:30 – Round of 8 – Match 2
15:00 – Round of 8 – Match 3
16:30 – Round of 8 – Match 4
18:00 – Semi final 1
19:30 – Semi final 2
21:00 – Grand Final

Be sure to tune in for the three days of action live from DreamHack Summer in Jönköping, Sweden. Visitors onsite will be able to enjoy all of the action first hand and witness who will take the biggest chunk of the $40,000 prize pool.

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