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Publiclir at DreamHack

Publiclir will have a booth during the whole DreamHack Summer 2015 with a open 1vs1 tournament in CS:GO with prizes for over 30.000SEK that will be won by DreamHack participants during the three days that the expo area is open. Aside from the amazing prize pool you are welcome to come by for a cup of coffe and snacks.

Publiclir is a non-profit organisation founded in October 2012. Today Publiclir is one of the leading non-profit gaming organisations in Sweden with over 20.000 members and a number of unique services.

It’s free to become a member if you have a Swedish citizenship, if you are from another country you can still become a member but for a yearly fee of 7 euros a year.

As a member you get the exclusive benefit of our services that consists of:
- The longest free booking of quality gameservers in Sweden (from Swedishhost)
- Rent EasyAntiCheat for free
- Rent BNC for free
- Swedish King of Nordic qualifier
- Sweden’s most popular gameservers in CS:GO
- Tournaments every week with prizes for over 150.000SEK during 2015.
- Gameshop, play on our public game servers and earn Publiclir Dollar that you can use to buy products or skins.

As a DreamHack participant you also get 500 Publiclir Dollar for free with our DreamHack code.

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