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Official Release Of Leading-Edge Mobile App EscoreLive at DHS15

Slow internet, long hours online, and no way to follow the score of matches: the unreliable and annoying equation that initially paved the way for two 18 year old Swedish guys to come up with a late-night genius idea, aptly named EscoreLive.

Set out with a purpose to provide the community with easily accessible scores of matches, they started working on a prototype that would accomplish such a thing, and by January 2015 they released the first official test version of EscoreLive. Without any marketing or outside promotional help, EscoreLive has managed to garner nearly 7,000 downloads within these few short months since their upstart. Notably the first ever application to administer live updates from a mobile device of professional CS:GO matches, both founders of the software are thrilled to be introducing the first accredited version of the app at Dreamhack Summer 2015.

How It Works:

Once you have downloaded EscoreLive you can easily follow all of the most important matches in real-time, check what matches have already been played and which teams have won. There is also an option to subscribe to each match. Notifications are given either after each round, or every second, third, etc.. It’s up to the user to choose their own personal notification preference. Info such as what maps are being played and which players are playing is given in reference as well. All in all, EscoreLive is the perfect app for anyone interested in CS:GO who would like to follow big leagues by using the most advanced and up-to-date mobile software available online.



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