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After an explosive first stop in the Turtle Beach DreamHack All-Stars at DreamHack Summer 2015, with Team Liquid claiming the first place title alongside $5,000, the second stop at DreamHack Valencia is around the corner! With an increased prize pool to $15,000, and 4 of Europe’s best teams competing again over 1 day the action is sure to be intense! Be sure to tune in live on July 16th to catch all the action!


Turtle Beach DreamHack All-Stars at DreamHack Valencia

Prize Money: $15,000 USD
Date: July 16, 2015
Teams: 4
Team Qualification: Two finalists from DreamHack Summer, two online qualification
Tournament Structure: Double Elimination
Match Format: Bo3, Bo5 finals
Rules: Here

All Turtle Beach DreamHack All-Stars matches will be livestreamed in English at http://www.twitch.tv/dreamhackheroes, so be sure to tune-in on July 16th!


After stellar results at DreamHack Summer, the finalists, Gamers2 and Team Liquid will be back, joining them will be online qualification winners, Natus Vincere and Team ROCCAT (FNATIC forfeit their qualification and Team ROCCAT won the replacement qualifier)


- Adrian Wojcik
- Piotr Muzolf
- Bartosz Kosmacz
- Łukasz Mirek
- Oskar Halamus

Team Liquid

- Cristofer Embareck
- Víctor Sánchez López
- Fran Núñez
- Pedro Moreno Durán
- Juan Moreno Durán


- Pontus Sjogren
- Simon Svensson
- Aleksandar Milanov
- Jerome Trinh
- Lyubomir Kozlovski


- Giacomo Thüs
- Dennis Schneider
- Finn Lasse Fries
- Christoph Gowitzke
- Ivan Koturić


Thursday 16th July 2015
Accelerated schedule
11:00 – Pre Show
11:15 – Winner Bracket Round 1 – Na’Vi vs. Gamers2
13:15 – Winner Bracket Round 1 – Team Liquid vs. Team ROCCAT
15:15 – Winner Bracket Round 2
17:15 – Loser Bracket Round 1
19:15 – Loser Bracket Round 2
21:15 – Grand Final

Be sure to follow @DreamHack on Twitter and stay tuned to http://www.dreamhack.se. For the latest information on Turtle Beach gaming headsets and accessories, visit www.turtlebeach.com, and be sure to follow Turtle Beach on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Stay tuned for more information to be released including the english caster squad!

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