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DHS17 KUNDUNDERSÖKNING Hej! Just nu gör vi en stor kundundersökning för dig som deltog på DreamHack Summer 2017. Bland de som deltar i undersökningen ger vi ger ut 10 biljetter till DreamHack Winter 2017. Länken till undersökningen har vi mailat till dig med registrerad biljett. Trevlig sommar önskar vi på DreamHack!

Congratulations to Orange – DreamHack Grand Prix Champion

CONGRATULATIONS TO ORANGE – DREAMHACK GRAND PRIX CHAMPION Jon “Orange” Westberg conquered the title of champion at DreamHack Summer Grand Prix with a triumphant victory in the grand finals. He earned $7,500 and 15 HTC Points! The Alliance player has also participated at several previous DreamHack events: Winter 2015, Austin 2016, and Summer 2016. We […]

Congratulations to Neeb – WCS JÖNKÖPING Champion

CONGRATULATIONS TO NEEB – WCS JÖNKÖPING CHAMPION After three days full of entertaining matches we can finally announce the champion of WCS Jönköping: Alex “Neeb” Sunderhaft! He won a prize of $25,000 along with 3,000 WCS Points, and a direct seed to the WCS Global Finals. Neeb had an almost clear run during the playoffs, […]

Congratulations to SK Gaming – DreamHack ASTRO Open Champions

CONGRATULATIONS TO SK GAMING – DREAMHACK ASTRO OPEN CHAMPIONS SK Gaming are the champions of DreamHack ASTRO Open, and will bring home a grand prize of $50,000! The Brazilians scored 2-1 in the Group A, obtaining the spot in the playoffs after defeating Mousesports in the decider match. The semifinals saw a battle against Counter […]

Visit Publiclir’s booth at DHS17

VISIT PUBLICLIR’S BOOTH AT DHS17 Come to Publiclir’s booth here at DreamHack and get the chance to play 1vs1 (CS:GO) against chapMAD and win prizes! He starts at 3 PM (15:00) and will be in the booth for about two hours. Everyone that manages to beat him will get a prize. Besides the shootout vs […]

Congratulations to Fabilous – DreamHack Pokkèn Tournament Champion

CONGRATULATIONS TO FABILOUS – DREAMHACK POKKÉN TOURNAMENT CHAMPION We are glad that so many Pokemon fans joined us in Hall B in the past days for the DreamHack Pokkén Tournament Championship, and today we announce our winner: Fabilous! The competition this year was strenuous, but in the end he prevailed over his opponents and won […]

Congratulations to Armada – DreamHack Smash Champion

CONGRATULATIONS TO ARMADA – DREAMHACK SMASH CHAMPION We have an uncontested winner for the $10,000 DreamHack Smash Championship, as Armada defeated all his opponents in the playoffs, almost all the games being 3:0, losing only two matches against Leffen, his opponent in the winners and grand finals. The full bracket is available here. Video on […]

DreamHack Summer Recap – Day 2

DREAMHACK SUMMER RECAP – DAY 2 The second day of DreamHack Summer 2017 was even more amazing as all the esports competitions were on fire. All the talents and personalities invited to the event joined us for another time of great gaming and music! If you missed the breathtaking opening ceremony, here is a video […]

DreamHack ASTRO Open – Day 2

DREAMHACK ASTRO OPEN – DAY 2 Today our visitors at DreamHack ASTRO Open had the opportunity to watch the teams fight until their last breath in the elimination and decider matches. SK Gaming and Fnatic won their respective fights with a clean 2-0, earning the last two spots for the playoffs. SK Gaming had a […]


WCS JÖNKÖPING – DAY 2 A total of sixteen players clashed against each other during the second day of WCS Jönköping, but now only eight are left, and tomorrow they will engage in the final battles to determine the victor of WCS Jönköping! In the Quarterfinals everything could happen, as we have three Zerg, three […]

DreamHack Grand Prix – Day 2

DREAMHACK GRAND PRIX – DAY 2 DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix featured a titanic fight between some of the best players in the world. Hundreds fought in the past days, and now only eight are left. Tomorrow they will clash starting from 13:15 CEST in the RO8 groups, but before the end of the day we […]

Congratulations to Yukadon – DreamHack Capcom Pro Tour Champion

CONGRATULATIONS TO YUKADON- DREAMHACK CAPCOM PRO TOUR CHAMPION In the past two days the hype was stellar during the DreamHack Summer Capcom Pro Tour, and today we are finally able to nominate our champion: Yukadon. He won a $7,000 prize after defeating countless enemies. Yukadon obtained the first place in his pool and thus earned […]

Twitch streaming record at DHS17

WORLD RECORD IN STREAMING AT DHS17 DreamHack currently holds several world records, and at DreamHack Summer 2017 we will attempt to set a new record together with all our visitors and in collaboration with Twitch. Typically, each of our events has more than 22,000 unique devices connected to the network, making DreamHack one of the […]

DreamHack Cosplay World Championship Winner

DREAMHACK COSPLAY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WINNER We at DreamHack believe that cosplay is a great passion that must be promoted. Today, June 18th, we organized a grand competition, the Dreamhack Word Cosplay Championship, and we are glad to say that a crowd of cosplayers joined us on the Main Stage at 16:00 CEST. It was an […]

Congratulations to FlipSid3 Tactics – DreamHack Rocket League Champions

CONGRATULATIONS TO FLIPSID3 TACTICS – DREAMHACK ROCKET LEAGUE CHAMPIONS Today we crown the winners of DreamHack Rocket League Championship: FlipSid3 Tactics. They earned a grand prize of $20,000! FlipSid3 Tactics defeated Prophecy in the Quarterfinals with a perfect 3-0 score, and afterwards had the upper hand against Defusekids in a hard-fought 3-2 matchup. The Grand […]

Esport United DVA computer competition

Esport United D.VA computer competition It’s that time of the year again! Esport United is holding a contest where YOU can win one awesome special edition computer! Modded and crafted by Dutch Lion Customizing. Hardware is sponsored by MSI, Hyper X and Thermaltake. Winner will be drawn on 19 of June (Monday) at 20:00 CET […]

GameDevHero at DreamHack Summer

GAMEDEVHERO AT DREAMHACK SUMMER We’re taking 27 Swedes to Australia next month, to get a Diploma in Digital and Interactive Games, covering all parts of the industry. We cover everything from art to design to the basics to start your own game studio. You get to contribute to our commercial games, with all costs covered […]

Esport United D.VA computer competition

Esport United D.VA computer competition It’s that time of the year again! Esport United is holding a contest where YOU can win one awesome special edition computer! Modded and crafted by Dutch Lion Customizing. Hardware is sponsored by MSI, Hyper X and Thermaltake. Winner will be drawn on 19 of June (Monday) at 20:00 CET […]

Så här byggs #DHS17

Så här byggs #DHS17 Alltid undrat hur vi bygger DreamHack? Spana in ToivaBoys vlog nedan. Vill du också vara med och bygga DreamHack? Då kan du ansöka till DreamHack Crew! Läs mer om DreamHack Crew här. Biljetter Har du inte köpt din biljett ännu? Du kan fortfarande köpa din biljett online på, men du […]

DreamHack ASTRO Open – Day 1

DREAMHACK ASTRO OPEN – DAY 1 A total of eight teams joined us in Jönköping to take part in DreamHack ASTRO Open. During the first day Immortals dominated the Group A, defeating both mousesports and SK Gaming, thus earning the first spot for the playoffs. They showed a particularly strong gameplay on Cobblestone, a map […]


WCS JÖNKÖPING – DAY 1 During the first day of WCS Jönköping we witnessed a grand battle between more than 50 players split in sixteen different groups. At the end of the day only 16 advanced, and among them we can notice the Protoss player Neeb, the experienced Terran Semper, and in the horde of […]

DreamHack Summer Recap – Day 1

DREAMHACK SUMMER RECAP – DAY 1 The first day of the best LAN event of the summer has been a real blast! Thousands of people entered the arena when the doors opened at 8:00 CEST, and only a couple of hours later we started our activities with the stream zone and the first tournaments. Let’s […]

DreamHack Grand Prix – Day 1

DREAMHACK GRAND PRIX – DAY 1 Hundreds of players clashed against each other during the first day of DreamHack Grand Prix! After the first six rounds some of the most experienced ones earned a big edge over the others, but the competition is still open, as we have 60+ players that won at least four […]

DreamHack Smash Championship – Day 1

DREAMHACK SMASH CHAMPIONSHIP – DAY 1 The first day of DreamHack Smash Championship has come to an end. As expected, Armada, Android, Leggen, Professor Pro, among other favorites made it out of the brackets, and tomorrow will fight again to earn the title of the champion! We are very excited for your affluence during the […]

Magic: The Gathering at DHS17

MAGIC: THE GATHERING AT DHS17 Want to learn to play Magic: The Gathering? Want to get your hands on awesome new cards? Want to experience the horror of Hour of Devastation? Head over to the Magic: The Gathering booth in Hall D to discover what the villainous Nicol Bolas has in store for all you […]


JOIN ‘THIS IS BATTLE ROYALE’: DREAMHACK SUMMER 2017 FEATURING PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS DreamHack and Bluehole to host the world’s largest LAN activation with PLAYERUNKNOWNS’ BATTLEGROUNDS at DreamHack Summer 2017 (June 17 – 20) in Jönköping, Sweden. All BYOC LAN participants – you’re invited! Join DreamHack and Bluehole Inc. for This Is Battle Royale DreamHack Summer 2017, […]

Follow the female CS:GO ESU Masters at DHS17

Follow the female CS:GO ESU Masters at DHS17 The ESU Masters will take place in Jönköping, Sweden, between 17-19th June at the world’s largest LAN festival, DreamHack. This year Esport United will together with hardware producers MSI and Samsung hold a female CS:GO tournament in the DreamExpo, running on high end Samsung Curved Gaming 144hz […]


DREAMHACK PRESENTERAR LANSKOJ MED SIA! Sia Nasseri är den härliga skåningen som underhållit och skojat med DreamHack sedan flera år tillbaka. Vi är vana att se Sia i’s monter och på #DHS17 tar Sia klivet fullt ut på Main Stage och levererar tävlingar, galenskaper och klassiskt LAN-skoj! Med uppbackning av utlovas roliga tävlingar […]

Milwin comes to DreamHack Summer 2017

MILWIN COMES TO DREAMHACK SUMMER 2017 Milwin will play on the Main Stage on Sunday night 01:00-02:00 CEST to thrill all the DreamHack Summer’s visitors! Since childhood Edwin “Milwin” Lindberg’s life revolved around music. He was born in Sweden; his father was a musician, and as a six-year-old, Edwin started drumming on the kitchen pots, […]

Estrella at #DHS17

Gaming and snacks is a perfect combo and for the fifth year in a row you will meet Estrella at DreamHack. Estrella will provide you with their awesome new Sourcream & Onion chips with 30% less fat but 100% perfect taste! In the snack shops you will of course be able to buy your favorite […]

Juicy M to hype the DreamHack Summer’s crowd

Juicy M TO HYPE THE DREAMHACK SUMMER’S CROWD The amazing DJ Juicy M will perform at DreamHack Summer on Sunday night. Don’t miss her special mixing abilities and join the fun at the open air stage at 00:00 – 01:30 CEST! Marta Snitkina, known as Juicy M or DJ Juicy M, is a Ukrainian electro […]

Everybody is coming to DHS17

EVERYBODY IS COMING TO #DHS17! Hundreds of players, esports talents, gaming celebrities, and great performers will join us at DreamHack Summer 2017, from June 17 to 19. Everybody, from all around the globe, will unite at Jönköping, Sweden, to have fun together! It doesn’t matter if you prefer games, technology, esports, or music – at […]

Buy your BYOC Ticket Now!

BUY YOUR BYOC TICKET NOW! DreamHack Summer 2017 will start this week in the beautiful Jönköping. We are euphoric for your affluence, but if you are still missing a BYOC ticket, you should secure one as soon as possible – there are only few seats left! If you are a huge fan of gaming and […]

Plantronics gives you customized airbrushing of RIG 500E headset

Plantronics gives you customized airbrushing of RIG 500E headset Only during DreamHack Summer 2017 can you get the Plantronics RIG 500E custom painted by a professional French airbrush artist. Get your headband in the colour, style and with the logo you want. The Plantronics RIG 500E is designed around the needs of e-sports players and […]


Trafikinstruktioner för #DHS17 Kör du bil till DreamHack Summer? Se trafikinstruktioner här. Ladda ner hela PDF:en här. Ways to watch There are many ways to follow all the amazing stuff going on at DreamHack Summer, and we want you to join us here before the party ends! Purchase your Pass online today by going […]

Follow DreamHack Live Online

FOLLOW DREAMHACK LIVE ONLINE For those following DreamHack Summer 2017 from home, on this page you will find our complete list of broadcasters, in each language and for each game. Also, on you will find all the info you need to know about the event, including our full schedule of activities.     Counter-Strike: […]

DreamHack WCS Jönköping Survival Guide

DREAMHACK WCS JÖNKÖPING SURVIVAL GUIDE If you want to know everything about DreamHack WCS Jönköping, look no further. We have prepared a guide with all the info you need about our upcoming Starcraft II event. More than 60 players will participate in the $100,000 tournament, and the prize pool will be split among the top […]

Buy your ticket for DHS17 on-site!

BUY YOUR TICKET FOR DHS17 ON-SITE! Planning to join us at DreamHack Summer 2017 to enjoy some of the best gaming and musical experiences ever? If you had no time to secure a ticket online, don’t worry about that, because we got you covered. You can buy a ticket directly on-site – we accept both […]

DreamHack Capcom Pro Tour Survival Guide

DREAMHACK CAPCOM PRO TOUR SURVIVAL GUIDE If you want to know everything about DreamHack Summer Capcom Pro Tour, look no further. We have prepared a guide with all the info you need about our upcoming Street Fighter V event. Follow all the action at! Tournament information Tournament: Capcom Pro Tour Premier Event: DreamHack Summer […]

DreamHack Pokkén Tournament Championship Survival Guide

DREAMHACK POKKÉN TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONSHIP SURVIVAL GUIDE If you want to know everything about DreamHack Pokkén Tournament Championship, look no further. We have prepared a guide with all the info you need about our upcoming Pokemon event. The Pokkén Tournament Championship Series tournament area at DreamHack Summer 2017 will be open from 11 to 21 daily. […]

WCS Jönköping Groups Released

WCS JÖNKÖPING Groups Released The groups for DreamHack WCS Jönköping are out! The $100,000 Starcraft II tournament will feature a grand battle between some of the most experienced players in the game. The matches will start on Saturday 17th at 13:00 CEST with the RO80 Group Stage, and continue through Monday 19th. The full schedule […]

Knorr Snack Pots – A quick & tasty easy meal!

Knorr Snack Pots are made with natural high quality ingredients. The products contain a base component, i.e. pasta, potato flakes, part boiled rice and dried vegetables & herbs and most of the vegetables are sustainably grown. All recipes that we use are developed by professional chefs for authentic taste and flavour balance. You find Knorr […]

Soda Tasting with The Soda Doc

SODA TASTING WITH THE SODA DOC Soda Nation has the largest assortment of Quality Craft Sodas in Europe, with some of the coolest brands in this wonderful world of sodas, and they are bringing a curated range to DreamHack! You will find the Soda Nation in the DreamHack Kiosks in Hall D and Hall B. […]

DreamHack ASTRO Open Survival Guide

DREAMHACK ASTRO OPEN SURVIVAL GUIDE If you want to know everything about DreamHack ASTRO Open, look no further. We have prepared a guide with all the info you need about our upcoming CS:GO event. Eight of the best teams from Europe and North America will fight in Jönköping, Sweden, from June 17 to 19. Six […]

Come meet Fnatic at the Fan Zone!

Come meet Fnatic at the Fan Zone! Good news for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans! The legendary all Swedish line up will be available for a Meet’N’Greet at the Fan Zone on Saturday – 13:00 to 13:45! olofmeister dennis KRiMZ flusha JW Fan Zone Schedule For the full Fan Zone schedule head on over to our […]

Welcome to DreamHack Summer 2017

WELCOME TO DREAMHACK SUMMER 2017 Everything you need to know during your stay at DreamHack Summer 2017, including our policy and rules, is available on this page. EVENT SCHEDULE & MAP To stay on top of all the changing schedules, make sure to bookmark and follow our events site. Event Map Click the map […]

DreamHack Smash Championship Survival Guide

DREAMHACK SMASH CHAMPIONSHIP SURVIVAL GUIDE If you want to know everything about DreamHack Summer Smash Championship, look no further. We have prepared a guide with all the info you need about our upcoming Super Smash Bros. Melee event. More than 50 Smash players will compete in Jönköping, from June 17th to 18th, for a share […]

YZN at DreamHack Summer 2017

YZN AT DREAMHACK SUMMER 2017 We welcome back the legendary streamer Yacine “YZN” Laghmari to DreamHack Summer 2017! He will join us in the Fan Zone on Sunday 18th, 19:00 – 20:00 CEST. YZN has more than seven years of experience in CS:GO and is streaming professionally since May 2014. Over time he also explored […]

Meet Dyllox and their LAN shelf at DreamHack!

MEET DYLLOX AND THEIR LAN SHELF AT DREAMHACK Have you been around to a couple of LAN parties before? Then you probably know how your desk get smaller and smaller the more time you spend there. Well, now there’s a shelf that aims to help gamers have a better gaming environment and experience, particularly at […]

Marcus Berggren på #DHS17!

Komikern Marcus Berggren på #DHS17 Idag är det klart att komikern Marcus Berggren kommer att göra två uppträdande på DreamHack Summer! Marcus slog nyligen igenom och vi är spända på att se vad han har att bjuda på under DreamHack Summer. Marcus Berggren på #DHS17 Söndag 19.45 – Open Air Stage 22.30 – Main Stage […]

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