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We at DreamHack believe that cosplay is a great passion that must be promoted. Today, June 18th, we organized a grand competition, the Dreamhack Word Cosplay Championship, and we are glad to say that a crowd of cosplayers joined us on the Main Stage at 16:00 CEST.

It was an extremely difficult choice for our judges, as many great costumes took part in this edition. The event had a 100,000 SEK prize pool, while tomorrow we will host the DreamHack Summer Free For All Cosplay Challenge, with a 10,000 SEK prize. All the info, rules, and our judges are on this page.

The winner and the top 3:

1. Manlima Cosplay
2. Scarlett Costuming and SFX
3. Stickweeds arts and crafts
Webhallen special: Germia Cosplay

An album with the participants is available on our Flickr page, while below you can have a look at the winner and the top contestants.

top cosplayerswinner cosplaystop cosplay
cosplay top 3
top cosplay 2

Ways to watch

There are many ways to follow all the amazing stuff going on at DreamHack Summer, and we want you to join us here before the party ends! Purchase your Pass online today by going bokning.dreamhack.se. You can also buy all ticket on-site, we take both cash and all major cards. For those watching from home, www.dreamhack.tv will be your friend, covering all of the matches.

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