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We love to talk to you about DreamHack! Dont hesitate to contact us! Here you will find the right adress or telephone numbers to get in touch with us at the worlds largest digital festival. Talk to you soon!

Event information

If you need specific information or have questions regarding the festival, call +46 36 777 78 94. This can be about:
– General information and activities
– Questions about tickets and pricing
– Questions about parking
– Questions about opening hours and schedules


By mail you can get help regarding the booking of tickets or any other question you have about DreamHack. Please specify as detailed as possible and we will be able to help you faster. Include your contact information so we easily can reach you. Please check the General FAQ and our event rules before you mail any questions, most of the topics are covered.

Please allow up to 72 hours for us to answer. We have no support during DreamHack Summer & Winter, on weekends, public holidays and during some weeks during the Summer holidays.

DreamHack Support Mail

Sales and Partners

DreamHack offers a huge number of different business possibilities including booth attendance at our events, online banners, on site banners, esports sponsorships and much more. Please get in contact with DreamHack Sales department to discuss these possibilities.

Patrick Samson
Phone: +46 76 869 38 48

Magnus Leppäniemi
Phone: +46 73 041 61 44

Nicklas Andersson

Fredrik Rylander
Phone: +46 702 150 745


Got any questions regarding the official esport tournaments at DreamHack? Do not hesitate to contact DreamHack Esport Administration. Mail:

Prize money questions


Social Media

Please note that we have no guaranteed support via social media, we do answer when possible!

Twitter: @DreamHack
Facebook: /DreamHackfestival
Snapchat: dreamhacklive
Youtube: /DreamHack
Instagram: @DreamHack
Flickr: /DreamHack
QuakeNet: #DreamHack


Postal and visitors address:
DreamHack AB
Telefonvägen 30, 4tr
126 26 Hägersten


Here can you find information on how to attend DreamHack as a journalist, our logo types and guidelines and contact information. Feel free to contact us at press(at) if you have any questions.


Apply for a press ID by sending us an email to press(at) containing a brief explanation of your site, publication or company and contact information including:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Website URL
  • Twitter handle (if any)

Please be prepared to demonstrate proof of your editorial function, copy of publication masthead stating your editorial title, copy of a by-lined article, letter of assignment on official publication letterhead, valid press card issued by a recognized organisation, etc.

The press ID grants access to DreamHack 24/7 and the press area where you’ll find all the technical resources you’ll need including high speed Internet, Wi-Fi and electrical power.

Guidelines Logotypes

DreamHack Brand Guidelines: You may not modify our logo in any way or use it on any printed media or product. Our logos can not be used in any way that could cause DreamHack to be misrepresented in any communications or publications. Logos must be clearly visible against any background they are used on, for more information see the DreamHack Visual Guidelines

DreamHack Black-CMYK.eps
DreamHack Black-PMS.eps
DreamHack Black-RGB.eps
DreamHack Black-RGB.png

DreamHack Negative-black.eps
DreamHack Negative-black.png

DreamHack White-CMYK.eps
DreamHack White-PMS.eps
DreamHack White-RGB.eps
DreamHack White-RGB.png

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