10 players confirmed!

DreamHack SteelSeries LAN-tournament will be something really special. 100 000 SEK to the winner, world’s best players, open BYOC-qualifier, Day9 shoutcasting and Grand Finals at DreamArena Extreme infront of 1100 screaming people in the audience. Let’s fuel the fire!

DSL is growing by the minute and we can now present the five next invites who been invited directly to the main tournament. The biggest thing is of course the massive BYOC qualification where 8 players goes into the main tournament fighting againts the invites and qualified players. Be sure to sign up today at www.playdh.com.

DreamHack have already invited five top players to DreamHack SteelSeries LAN-tournament [DSL] that will be hosted at DreamHack Winter 25-28th of november. We are now adding five more players to the list and we’ll announce a few more interesting things later this week.

    New players ready for [DSL]:
    EG IdrA (Z)
    Fnatic Fenix (T)
    aTn Socke (P)
    Dignitas Sjow (T)

Here’s the full list rightnow.

Players list:
1. Mouz White-Ra (P)
2. mTw DIMAGA (Z)
3. Mouz MorroW (Z/T)
4. TLAF-Liquid TheLittleOne (T/Z)
5. TLAF-Liquid Tyler(aka Nony) (P)
7. Fnatic Fenix (T)
8. aTn Socke (P)
9. Dignitas Sjow (T)
10. EG IdrA (Z)
11-15. Invitation (Do you want a direct invite? Send your name, nickname and all achievements to sc2@dreamhack.se)
16-24. DH on Tour Qualifier/invite Sweden (Online), Sweden (LAN), Norway, Finland, Denmark, Benelux, Benelux, Benelux, France
25-32. BYOC-qualifier – Register here!

Read more about the tournament:
- StarCraft II information
- Registration to BYOC-tournament
- Book your ticket today!

Any questions?
Do not hesitate to contact DreamHack Esport Administration
Email: esport[at]dreamhack.se (general tournament questions)
Email: sc2@dreamhack.se (contact with SC2 head admin)
Phone: +46 768 00 1336 (Office hours)

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  • Anonymous

    Shit yeah! Grack fighting!

  • Anonymous

    Så jävla bra lista! väldigt imponerad av va som blivit av dreamhack! synd bara att de ligger långt från stockholm, bor i norrland och hade definitivt kommit om de legat något lite nämare till hands.. Nu hoppas jag på:

    1. Bra kommentatorer, hellre bra engelska typ (day9, HDstarcraft) än mediokra svenska för internationellt intresse.

    2. Bra stream

    3. Att DH gör allt för att publiken inte sitter som ljus under sc2 turneringen

  • Anonymous

    Rättelse, Såg att day9 hade fingrarna med i spelet, kul att se

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