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The Grand Finals of DreamHack on Tour is just a few weeks away and now its time to complete the lineup for the official Quake Live tournament – Kaspersky Quake Live Championship that will take place during DreamHack Winter 2010 25-28th of november.

DreamHacks Quake Live tournament will feature some of the biggest stars from the Quake universe. We have Rapha and DaHang joining us from United States, the dynamic trio from east: Cooller, av3k and Cypher on spot and today we announce the final three players to complete the 16-player main tournament.

First we have true FPS-legend in the former CPL World Tour superstar Vo0 thats been visiting DreamHack a few times already, then we have the bronze medalist from DreamHack Summer 2010 strenx from France and last the swedish Quake profile fazz awarded last event with the Kaspersky Award for his performance.

    Last 3 players to be invited by DreamHack
    Sweden fazz

We can also announce the official rulebook for the event and it can easily be downloaded here (.pdf). Maps was released a few days ago and schedule can also be monitored at the Quake Live page.

Kaspersky Quake Live Championship – Attending players:
1. Poland av3k
2. Sweden fox
3. Ryssland Cooller
4. USA DaHang
5. USA Rapha
6. Belarus Cypher
7. Italy stermy
8. Sweden Spart1e
9. noctis
10. k1llsen
11. Vo0
12. strenx
13. Sweden fazz
14. GaRpY (Online Qualifier – PlayDH.com)
15. TBA 14/11 (International Qualifier – Czech Republic)
16. TBA 13/11 (International Qualifier – Spain)

Find all information about the tournament here:
- Tournament info: Quake Live
- Location at DHW10: E-sport Hall

Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact DreamHack Esport Administration
Email: esport[at]dreamhack.se
Phone: +46 768 00 1336 (Office hours)

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