SC2-stars to DH

Two Korean progamers will attend DreamHack Winter 2010. Team Liquid-player HuK from Canada, oGs TOP and oGs inCa from South Korea will participate in DreamHack SteelSeries LAN-tournament (DSL) the 25th to 28th of november.

This is not major, this is magic for all eSports fans in Sweden. DreamHack is proud to welcome two korean StarCraft II-players to the event and to participate in the DreamHack SteelSeries LAN-tournament with 205 000 SEK in the total prize purse, including 100 000 SEK to the winner only.

DreamHack will invite Canadian Protoss-player HuK to replace IdrA and korean S-player oGs Inca to replace russian BRAT_OK in the main tournament. His team mate TOP will also join inCa on his trip to Sweden and will participate in the tournament, but needs to play the BYOC-qualifications first in order to qualify for the 32-player main tournament.

Former DreamHack-champion in Brood War BRAT_OK will not attend the tournament due to visa issues. American Zerg-player IdrA qualified for the third season of GSL and will play league matches during the upcoming days which made it impossible to play both tournaments.

Have you not planned your trip to DreamHack yet? Make sure to visit DreamHack Winter 2010, opening 08.00 on Thursday to follow the StarCraft II-action on-site. Everyone will be able to follow the action behind the players in the tournament area, on the separate Eizo stage where Day9 will be casting and in the DreamArena Extreme with seating capacity of 1100 people. Information about livestreaming will be released in the upcoming days and gathered at

Players and remaining slots
01. Mouz White-Ra (P) – Invited
02. mTw DIMAGA (Z) -Invited
03. Mouz MorroW (Z/T) – Invited
04. TLAF-Liquid TheLittleOne (T/Z) – Invited
05. TLAF-Liquid Tyler(aka Nony) (P) – Invited
06. oGs inCa (P) – Invited
07. Fnatic Fenix (T) – Invited
08. aTn Socke (P) – Invited
09. Dignitas Sjow (T) – Invited
10. TLAF-Liquid HuK (P) – Invited
11. Finland Mouz Naama (T) – Invited
12. RAGE Tarson (T) – Invited
13. fnatic Lucifron (T) – Invited
14. mTw DeMusliM (T) – Invited
15. SK MaDFroG (Z) – Invited
16. Norge SkruF (Z) – DH on Tour Qualifier Norway
17. Finland elfi (P) – DH on Tour Qualifier Finland
18. France Adelscott (P) – DH on Tour Qualifier France
19. Nederlanderna Prae.DaBoO (Z) – DH on Tour Qualifier Benelux
20. Netherlands ServaNT (T) – DH on Tour Qualifier Benelux
21. Netherlands NTT (T) – DH on Tour Qualifier Benelux
22. Denmark ActionJesus – DH on Tour Qualifier Denmark
23. LaLuSh (Z) – DH on Tour Qualifier Sweden Online
24. ThorZaIN (T) – DH on Tour Qualifier Sweden LAN
25. BYOC-qualifier – Register here!
26. BYOC-qualifier – Register here!
27. BYOC-qualifier – Register here!
28. BYOC-qualifier – Register here!
29. BYOC-qualifier – Register here!
30. BYOC-qualifier – Register here!
31. BYOC-qualifier – Register here!
32. BYOC-qualifier – Register here!

Full information on DSL and how to participate can be found here!

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    Liquid fighting! :D

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