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Participate in Dota 2 tournament at DreamHack Winter 2011

Play in DreamHack Corsair Vengeance Dota 2 Championship – get free Dota 2 key and take a chance at the 100 000 SEK prize purse. Today DreamHack presents official Dota 2 tournament with Corsair and Valve at DreamHack Winter 2011 November 24-27.

Everyone can participate – get free DOTA 2 key
Everyone attending DreamHack Winter 2011 with a BYOC-ticket can play in the tournament. But you need to sign-up now to secure your spot in the tournament. All teams will get 5 keys when confirming their participation on-site in the Game Crew info desk. Final on-site confirmation must be made latest 14.00 CET on 24th of November 2011 and teams that have not confirmed their participation will be replaced with teams from the waiting list. The BYOC-bracket will be generated at 15.00 and the tournament starts at 17.00. 64 teams can participate in the BYOC-qualifier and the main tournament consist of 8 teams where 4 are invited and 4 are qualified from the BYOC-qualifier.

100 000 SEK in prize purse – Grand Finals at DreamArena Extreme
The tournament is played in the classic DreamHack-format; Day 1 (Thursday) an open BYOC-qualifier with a maximum of 64 teams is hosted. The main tournament starts on Day 2 (Friday) with groupstages during the day and semi finals during the evening. The main tournament will be played on Tournament PC’s in a special tournament area. Day 3 will bring us the Grand Final at DreamArena Extreme in front of an audience consisting of 1100 people.

On-site streaming coverage by Tobi Wan
DreamHack will broadcast selected matches from the Main tournament and also the Grand Final at DreamArena Extreme. DreamHack will bring in Tobi Wan to the event and make him the Head Shoutcaster of the DreamHack Corsair Vengeance Dota 2 Championship. Livestream will be available at www.dreamhack.tv thanks to DreamHacks exclusive streaming partner Twitch.TV.

More information will be released soon at www.dreamhack.se.

DreamHack Corsair Vengeance Dota 2 Championship

Dates: 17.00 CET 24 November 2011
Location: DreamHack Winter 2011, Hall C, Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden
Format: 5vs5
Teams: 64
Tournament format: Single elimination bracket BO1
Tournament set-up: All matches played in BYOC.
1st – Qualified to Main tournament
2nd – Qualified to Main tournament
3rd – Qualified to Main tournament
4th – Qualified to Main tournament

> Register here <

Main tournament
Dates: 25-26 November 2011
Location: DreamHack Winter 2011, Hall C, Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden
Format: 5vs5
Teams: 8
Tournament format: 4×4 Group play BO1, Playoff single elimination BO3
Tournament set-up: All matches played in Tournament Area at Tournament PC’s. Grand Final at DreamArena Extreme.
Prize Purse: 100 000 SEK
1st – 50 000 SEK
2nd – 25 000 SEK
3rd – 15 000 SEK
4th – 10 000 SEK

1. Invited team – TBA by DreamHack
2. Invited team – TBA by DreamHack
3. Invited team – TBA by DreamHack
4. Invited team – TBA by DreamHack
5. BYOC-qualifier – > Register here <
6. BYOC-qualifier – > Register here <
7. BYOC-qualifier – > Register here <
8. BYOC-qualifier – > Register here <

More information
Quakenet: #dh.dota2
E-mail: dota2@dreamhack.se

Contact us:
Do not hesitate to contact DreamHack Esport Administration
Email: esport[at]dreamhack.se
Phone: +46 768 00 1336 (Office hours)

  • Eric Hebert

    Ooh! I can’t wait. 64 teams means lots of games, I’ll probably watch most of them I hope.

    • Dennis Johansson

      Its a Byoc qualifier it means – BringYourOwnComputer they wont cast all games from the qualifier

  • http://twitter.com/Pepeloncho José Astudillo

    I can’t miss a single match!

  • http://twitter.com/Cavaxos Jose Cavazos

    This is is live or is online?

  • Win Han

    no online game,,,, this is live ,LAN game. I wish i would not miss any single matches in that tournament!!! Good Luck to all teams!!!

  • dyggo nunes

    I think the first step is online. Then, when the 8 teams were displayed, will start the second step live.

  • Thomas Åkerlund

    According to the registration there are a maximum of 64 teams but there are 347 teams signed up right now. How are the teams that are going to play decided?

  • Jonathon Jollota

    It is decided in the sperate byoc(bring your own computer) tournament. the top 4 from that tourney are in the main tournament.

  • Anonymous

    i want na’vi to join the tournament

  • http://www.trinigamers.com scaR

    This is going to be awesome!

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  • Fatih Anıl Şara

    I hope it will be a fun tournament. I enjoyed it so far but games were not really as contentious as i expected them to be. I’m sure it’ll get better as we get closer to the final. by the way i guess everyone is showing their need for a beta key in here. so yea i would love a key too. after all i’m playing this game (dota 1 ofc) for like 6 years now and i’m really excited about dota 2. i dont think someone will read this and send me a key out of nowhere but why not try it. here’s my mail fatihanilsara@gmail.com. and good luck to all the teams who are playing on the tournament.

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