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Get your hands on DreamHacks StarCraft II Booths

It’s time for DreamHacks StarCraft II Player Booths to retire and now YOU have the chance to get them! DreamHack will sell our Player Booths at eBay.com and all money from the sales will go to a open standalone BYOC-tournament at DreamHack Summer 2012.

In March 2011, DreamHack built their first Player Booths to set-up Dreamhacks first dedicated StarCraft II-event ‘Stockholm Invitiational’ 12th of April 2011. It was a huge step for DreamHack then. We were very thrilled about it and we even released a movie with the creation of the booths.

Since them, DreamHack Champions like MC, HuK, DongRaeGu, HerO, Thorzain and many more have played their most important matches in the booths. If we sum-up how much we used them (over 100 matches) and how important they were to the development of our eSports brand, it’s probably the best investment we ever made.

Another great memory is when we realized that we couldn’t get the Booths into the event venue in Valencia when we hosted our first big event abroad – Valencia Invitational. Then our local partner and lovely friends at Canales Corporativos had to rent a crane to lift the booths up and down 35 metres. Everything to make sure the event run in time and the matches get played.

In 2012 DreamHack started to plan new booths, and in 2013 we’ll build our new Player Booths. But why just send them to the dump, when we can give them to our fans. Since we couldnt decide how to give them away we put up a auction at eBay – all money received will go to a open BYOC-tournament in StarCraft II at DreamHack Summer in june 2013.

Facts about the booths

DreamHack StarCraft II Player Booth’s. Built in March 2011. Used in over 100 professional StarCraft II matches in 12 events and used by over 55 professional players like DreamHack Champions such as HerO, HuK, DongRaeGu, MC and many more.

Booths been on tour in countries like Sweden, Spain and Romania and have minor damages due to the logistics. Bottom of each Booth is made to fit a pallet move/jack.

No. of Booths: 2

Sold together.

Facts about the Booths:
- Measurements: 150 cm x 200 cm x 200 cm
- Inside table for 1 person
- Electricity and network plug inside the booth.
- DreamHack EIZO Open Branding included
- Air conditioner not included, but hole in the back of each booth for it.
- Noise cancellation insufficient.

- Small cracks in Front Window
- Alot of minor damages and scratches in painting.

How do I get the booths?

Go to www.ebay.com, register account and participate in the auction.

The winner need to pay and arrange for the logistics. DreamHack booths is available for pick-up in Jönköping, Sweden.

Events where DreamHack booths have been used:

- Stockholm Invitational
- DreamHack Summer 2011
- Valencia Invitational
- DH @ Gamex 2011
- DreamHack Winter 2011
- DreamHack EIZO Open Stockholm
- DreamHack Summer 2012
- WCS Nordic Nationals
- WCS Europe Finals
- DreamHack EIZO Open Valencia
- DreamHack EIZO Open Bucharest
- DreamHack Winter 2012

Players that have played in the DreamHack Player booths

- MC
- MorroW
- White-Ra
- Jinro
- SjoW
- HuK
- IdrA
- Moon
- DongRaeGu
- Thorzain
- HerO
- Naniwa
- Rain
- LucifroN
- Bomber
- JulyZerg
- Cytoplasm
- Runa
- Forsen
- Vandroy
- Ret
- Nightend
- Puma
- Polt
- Socke
- Monster
- Genius
- Nerchio
- Dimaga
- Mana
- BabyKnight
- BlackCidy
- Nocticimus
- Seriously
- Naama
- Elfi
- SortOf
- Seiplo
- Grubby
- Slivko
- Lowely
- Happy
- VortiX
- TheSTC
- ForGG
- Stephano
- Taeja
- SaSe
- TargA
- Monchi
- Bly
- Starnan
- Sage
- Fraer

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