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Dunderpatrullen consists of four guys with a sense of music, film and humor. The founders of the Internet phenomenon Krull Productions took a step further and together they began to throw together a self-composed, thundering bitpop-thump. Reviewers have likened Dunderpatrullen music to “Peter Rabbit at a rave”, or as they choose to describe it, “a bit like Kraftwerk on speed and raspberry soda.”

With melodic, fleshy base and danceable samples that mix everything from sharp, crackling sound waves from the Gameboy and Commodore 64, to banjo and distorted mouth harp. The group’s song “Oj! Vilken Ă–verraskning!” got 1 million views on YouTube during six months. These successes have led to an exciting collaboration with TV guru Adam Alsing and media profile Daniel Breitholtz, which has now taken the boys under their warm protective wings.

Dunderpatrullen performed at DreamHack 2009 and even back then they felt at home with the audience. Today they have digi-evolved to the hilt and will give you show like no other, you do not want to miss this! Date and time will be revealed closer to the festival.


Twitter – @dunderpatrullen
Instagram – /dunderpatrullen
Facebook – /Dunderpatrullen
Homepage – www.dunderpatrullen.nu
Myspace – /dunderpatrullen
Youtube – /UrbanTrasa
Last.fm – /Dunderpatrullen
Soundcloud – /dunderpatrullen

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